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3 Ingredients Your Anti Aging Cream Must Have


As we get older, our skin begins to reflect its age. Yes, it’s a part of our life cycle, however there are ways to retain a more youthful looking skin and slow down the process. If you’re willing to take some time to choose the right ingredients in the best anti-aging cream you can afford, along with making healthy lifestyle choices, your skin will thank you for it when you get older.

Best Anti Aging Cream Products

For years, women have thrown a significant amount of their time and money into the fountain of youth. With promises of younger, healthier looking skin at any age, anti-aging cosmetics have found a market of their own down the makeup aisle. These (at one time) new fangled creams and liquids were like soft buttery gold for women looking to restore their youthful glow. However, though many of these creams and elixirs can no doubt improve the quality and elasticity of your skin, not all anti-aging formulas are created equal. There are several products out there that claim “anti-aging” and “rejuvenating” elements, that in reality are no different from your average store brand skin lotion. Before you head out to the cosmetics department to spend a huge wad of cash on any old skin rejuvenating formula, educate yourself on the elements of these products that make them effective. These three ingredients are the most important and effective elements of any anti-aging formula.

Aloe Vera

We all know aloe as the plant gel you put on your skin after a harsh sunburn, but many overlook how useful aloe vera extract is as a rejuvenating ingredient. Aloe vera is an all natural extract taken from the leaves of the aloe plant. For years and years, this clear, cool gel has been utilized as a healing remedy for skin abrasions and burns in the medical and herbal world. However, in more recent years, researchers have been exploring the plants’ remarkable potential as an anti-aging element. Aloe naturally rejuvenates skin in a way that in the past was only possible through harsh chemicals with undesired side effects. If you are interested in using an anti-aging skin cream that is all natural, one that contains aloe vera is a must. Some of the most effective anti-aging creams and elixirs out there do not simply feature aloe as a primary ingredient, but rather use the plant extract as a the base of the product.


There’s no doubt that antioxidants are essential for the health and well-being of your skin. While many of the antioxidants our body needs we obtain through our daily diet, antioxidants improve skin quality best when applied topically. Antioxidants are essential for the skin and many excellent skin care products contain them in varying forms. Antioxidants come from vitamins A, C, and E. Some of the very best anti-aging and skin rejuvenating antioxidants come from green tea, soy extract, grape extract, pomegranate extract, and many other natural elements. When shopping for the most effective youth cream, find one full of antioxidants. They can help prevent daily damage to skin for the natural elements, boost the effectiveness of sunscreens, help skin heal more easily, and help produce healthy collagen for the skin. As a useful tip, when shopping for an anti-aging cream high in antioxidants, be sure to find one that is packaged in a sealable tube rather than a jar because air deteriorates antioxidants.

Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, and Collagen

These three ingredients are known as skin-identical elements. Healthy and youthful looking skin naturally contains elements that keep it smooth, help it retain water, protect it from the elements, and fight infection. Fatty acids, amino acids, collagen, and other skin-like ingredients help aid the skin in repairing its outer barrier. Skin that cannot retain moisture will eventually become creased and wrinkled. These ingredients help to lock in moisture within the actual cell walls of your skin, giving it that youthful moisture and smoothness it needs. Furthermore, these ingredients act as a reinforcement mechanism for your skin’s natural ability to fight environmental stressors throughout the day. By repairing the outer structure of the skin and helping it to retain moisture, these acids and other elements will dramatically improve your skins’ texture.

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  2. I once used aloe vera. it is very effective and it soothes your skin. It can be a good moisturizer to our face to regenerate wrinkles.

  3. Yes,they are really must-have items. I always look for creams with aloe vera and anti-oxidant, better off naturally made ingredients. Aloe Vera is also good for hair.

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