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As a WAHM, these Wordpress plugins and Fire Fox add-ons have helped to enhance my blog's performance

4 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Blog a Fast Mean Machine


Blogging Tips For the Fastest Blog on the Racecourse

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WordPress Plugins and FireFox Add-Ons

This blog is always a work-in-progress.  Since I switched to WordPress, I’ve become plug-in happy – there are so many WordPress plugins that can enhance a site’s performance.

If you’re thinking of starting a blog (or perhaps are already an established blogger) and may be wondering whether you should be using Blogger or WordPress – Trisha and Kim from Top Mom Blogger offer a great explanation of the differences.

Should you make the decision to switch to WordPress – be sure to sign up for the WordPress Orientation Classes offered by Kelly McCausey.

I’d like to share a few plug-ins that I’ve recently added, that make my blog a smooth-running machine (usually.)

1) WordPress Gzip – This is a plugin that essentially compresses and zips the text on your pages.  If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, I make use of the “shrink to fit” button quite often when I’m preparing documents.  It allows me to fit that last sentence or two onto one page.

Find at: GZIP

From the site:

I’ve found that letting WordPress gzip pages significantly improves performance, typically slashing the size of the text to a fourth. For my home page, that’s a 30% reduction of total page size—including images, ads, etc. A 30% reduction in bandwidth is nothing to sniff at.

2)  WP Super Cache saves your recently viewed pages, allowing them to be accessed more quickly by readers.  There’s also the ability for you to manually clear the cache, or to set functions as to when it should be cleared.

WP Super Cache is a static caching plugin for WordPress. It generates html files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts. By using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly.

Find at: WP Super Cache

3)  Link Cloaker – If you monetize your blog and have affiliate links of any type that aren’t cloaked, you may be losing out on affiliate commissions.  It’s happened to me in the past.   If you don’t cloak your links, they’ll show up in the URL whenever someone clicks over to your hop page.

This WordPress plugin is an excellent add-on that not only cloaks your links, but tracks the click-throughs to see how each affiliate link is performing.

Find at: Link Cloaker

4) TTFTitles WordPress plugin enables me to have my own font listed on my post titles.  Right now, I’m using the Miama font, which matches the font on the header of Moomette’s Magnificents.

This plugin lets you use images to replace the titles of your posts, thus circumventing the problem of guessing what fonts your end-users might have installed.

Eve, from Designing With Eve clued me into this wp plug-in.  Eve, a fellow WAHM, has been designing websites since 1998 and has a degree in computer programming and design.   She recently opened up her new design services company and will be redesigning my recipe blog for me – Moomettesgram’s Favorite Recipes – so watch for my announcement when it’s up and running!  Be sure to check out Eve’s design porfolio!

Find at: TTFTitles

5)  WiseStamp – Lastly, this isn’t a WordPress plugin tip – but be sure to check out the new Fire Fox browser addon that enables you to customize your email signature by adding your social networking buttons, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN and Friendfeed to it!

Hat Tip to: Blogging Basics 101

If you found these tips helpful, please let me know!  Happy Blogging!

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  1. Wonderful tips. I haven’t made the switch to wordpress yet, but the more I hear, the more I’m tempted to seriously consider it.
    .-= Look at what Nicole hopes you’ll read: …Canadian-Friendly Friday Link-Up =-.

  2. Whoo hooo! I love learning about new plugins and I hadn’t even heard of most of these. Thank you so much!
    .-= Look at what Creative Junkie hopes you’ll read: …Sunday regurgitation: It’s not easy being green =-.

  3. I see you run JBJ. I was concerned over how this plugin would effect my ads, that is why I haven’t tried it myself yet.

    Has WP Super Cache effected your pageviews for ad widgets?
    .-= Look at what Robin hopes you’ll read: …Great Early Math Toys for Toddlers from LeapFrog =-.

  4. Hi Robin ~ That’s a great question about JBJ. This plugin has the option not to set the cache on certain files – in this I have the Single Posts (is_single); Front Page (is_front_page); and Home (is_home) disabled. Since these are disabled, the widget will reload for home page and single posts.

    Also, I can go into the settings and see exactly which posts have been cached. I can also set the cache to empty at set intervals.

  5. Great suggestions! I’m still too scared to switch to WP, I think I’m afraid of the amount of time it will take to learn something new….sigh!
    .-= Look at what Deal-ectible Mom hopes you’ll read: …80% Off at Happy Green Bee! =-.

  6. great post! and thanks for the mention!! :-)
    .-= Look at what eve hopes you’ll read: …Using TTFTitles for Custom Titles =-.

  7. I love using plugins! The cloaker I never thought of and plan on getting downloaded for all my blogs! I use TTF titles and love that plugin, it gives such a nice effect. I am also looking into the other ones especially on the blog I share with two others. The cache plugin just may suit that site as it is starting to really grow!

    Thanks for this great list Cindi!
    .-= Look at what Chrissy hopes you’ll read: …Follow Friday: Smart Tweeps I Constantly Learn From =-.

  8. You’re a whiz at this! Ever consider doing an online class for beginning bloggers? You’d be great!
    .-= Look at what ConnieFoggles hopes you’ll read: …Alphatudes Book Review And Giveaway =-.

    • Hi Connie ~

      Thanks for the compliment – learning everything by trial and error (mostly error) and relying on a lot of help from my online friends! I also am fond of those “Dummie” books that are written in easy-to-understand text!

  9. Thanks for all the info!!!
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  10. WOW WOrdpress has added so much since I’ve used it Thanks will come in handy when I make a switch
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  11. Thanks for the Link Cloaker one – I been meaning to look for such a plugin and you have save me looking!

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  12. Hiya Cindy!!
    This is an awesome post and a very useful one for me.. I recently moved to WP for LadyJava’s Lounge and still going around all the wonderful plugins.. designing is one thing.. but truly making it work for you is another.. these are fantastic plugins for me to try.. I love it!!

    Thanks so much!
    .-= Look at what LadyJava hopes you’ll read: …LJL Has Moved to WordPress =-.

    • Hi Lady J! You, on wp? The Blogger designer guru? Glad you became a convert – I think you’ll be delighted with all that you can do on wp!~ I have other articles here with more information , some I just added so feel free to look around!

  13. Hiya again Cindy..
    YEAP.. I have converted to WP on LJL only for now. am thinking of converting the another one but I’ve already been so distracted with the move that all my other work are not done.. which is bad.. ahah.. WP is so distracting..hehe

    I’d be sure to look around for those article!

    And yes to WP makeover too..ehehe..

    oh one question.. which plugin does this twitter enabled that you h ave done below??
    .-= Look at what LadyJava hopes you’ll read: …Music Monday: Leave (Get Out) by JoJo ** =-.

    • Hi Lady Java ~

      I luv racking up “frequent flyer” miles with you – I’m sure when you get done with your wp conversions your blogs will run like smooth machines & look awesome! You were the best Blogger designer I know of when I had my blog on Blogspot.

      The plugin I use for the Twitter ID was created by Andy Bailey from Comment Luv:

      TwitterLink Comments

      • lol@“frequent flyer” mile.. yeap.. long way to travel.. ;)

        another awesome plugin from Andy.. only I used Intense Debate on mine.. so not if it would work.. but I’ll KIV it!

        Thanks Cindy..
        .-= Look at what LadyJava hopes you’ll read: …Music Monday: Leave (Get Out) by JoJo ** =-.

  14. I’ve never used any of them but as for the TTFTitles… I like cufon better. It allows you to change more then the post titles. :D
    .-= Look at what Jenny hopes you’ll read: …Cupcake Cutey =-.

  15. Great tips Moomette! Thanks for sharing them – I’m off to install Gzip right now!
    .-= Look at what Janice @ Mom on the run hopes you’ll read: …Motivation Monday – March 29, 2010 =-.

  16. Thanks for these great tips! I’m not a mum but I’m thinking of transferring my blog from to .org and need all the help I can get.
    .-= Look at what Sasa hopes you’ll read: …Caramelised Apple Mousse and Bento =-.

  17. These are great tips! I just switched from Blogger to WordPress, and am on the lookout for new plugins. Thanks!

  18. These are awesome tips! I love hearing about new plugins – I’ll be looking into these.
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  19. Oh, and when I first opened your webpage I thought, “I love the font for her post titles! How did she do that?” and there the answer was right in the post! lol
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