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101 Random Things About Me



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I enjoy getting to know my readers, and  am unselfishly (OK, maybe narcissisticly) sharing 101 random things, facts, habits, annoying traits or goals about me!  This list isn’t complete yet, and is a work-in-progress.  Maybe it’ll even grow to over 101 random, bizarre things!

So, in no particular order…

Hopefully you’ll still stop by and visit my blog on a regular basis, despite what I divulge below.

Random Things About Me


1. I live in the same town I grew up in, which is like, ah, over 50 years.   This is the first and only house the Hubster and I have owned. I’d move out of town or to a different state in a New York minute.

2. When I was a teenager, the one thing I wanted to do most in life was travel.  I had visions of my passport being stamped from countries all over the world.   I had a pen pal, and when I was 17 I went to visit her in England, solo, my first plane trip.  I stayed with her family for 2 weeks,  in 1969.  It was when the Beatles were popular, and was great.

3. Hubster and I were in the same homeroom for high school, and he took me to the Senior Prom.

4. The Hubster and I enjoy traveling.

5. I want to go on a cruise at least just once in my lifetime.  I thrive in warm, hot, humid weather.  I think I was born to live down south.  I love the smell of fragrant flowers, the ocean, beach salt marshes  & beach roses.

6. I started college right after high school and went to an all girls college in Massachusetts.  There were lots of them there, like one big sorority house.  I dropped out of college after I got engaged, to work to save money to get married.    I finally went back to school in my 40s and got a B.S. in Business, and then went on further and got an A.S. in Paralegal Studies, Magna Cum Laude.  But I didn’t play a sport, so sez my daughter, which is probably why I graduated Magna Cum Laude.  But working full-time and raising 2 kids didn’t count ~ just the sport thing counts.

7. I’m a great cook. I like to bake, and make creative dishes.  I probably should have gone to culinary school, but was too naive at the time and insecure to do anything else.  If I had to do it all over again, that’s what I’d do.  I have a food blog at Frugal New England Kitchen where I share recipes, and a Frugal New England Kitchen Facebook Fan Page where I share lots of good tips! Visit me!

8.  I am a Tastefully Simple Independent Consultant – If you would like to receive some Tastefully Simple products free…just start referring people to me. When they place an order…you get a gift. When they book a party…you get a bigger gift….and when they join my team….you get an even bigger gift. I love referrals and will take good care of them! You can order products such as Bountiful Beer Bread or Chocolate Ugly Cake Online and check out my website. #fail

9. I like Folk music, New Age, Country, Jazz, that kind of music.  Hubster only likes hard rock.  I hate it.  I seriously have contemplated buying ear plugs to wear in the car.  I tune it out in my head.

10. I’m not a TV watcher anymore now that we have computers and internet.  I get all of my news online, in depth, from various sources ~ blogs, ezines, Twitter.  I formulate my own opinions.  I don’t even read print paper any longer unless forced to.  I read over 20 online major newspapers a day, coast-to-coast.

11. My family thinks I have an internet addiction. They don’t have a clue what I’m doing or understand why I’m trying to build a business and online presence before I retire so I can retire.  I really don’t care.

12.  I was married 9 years before my first child was born. The second daughter came along 4 years later.  I was 22 when we married.  If I had to do it all over again, I wish I could have been younger when I had them.  I’m glad my oldest daughter had her first child at 23.

13.  I’m glad I’m a kinda-sorta young grandmother. My own grandmother lived to be 101, was the oldest of 9 children, and outlived most of her siblings.  She’d always been a part of my life.  I miss her.

14.  I only stay in touch with my best friend RLF from Kindergarten.  She lives in New Hampshire.  I was devested when she went to college in Virginia, and then moved to NH after graduation.  We still talk and visit, but not as often as I’d like to.  When we do talk, it’s like it was yesterday, we pick up the same conversation as if we just left off.  I miss her too.

15.  I am cautious when making friends IRL. I tend to size people up, and I’m a pretty good judge of character.  I can read people.  You get about a 2 minute once-over from me.  If necessary though, I can work the crowd.  I am a better judge of character with my online friends.  My family doesn’t understand my online friends, because they don’t think they’re “real”.

16.  I had an online “friend” who I invested a lot of time and energy into. Although I learned quite a bit from her, she turned on me like a hot potato without warning and burned me.  I’m still PO’d over that.  Many of you probably know her.  I was a Moderator on her forum, and spent hours helping her out.  I’m very cautious now that I’ve been burned, and won’t let it happen again.  I don’t like it when people use and take advantage of other people for their own self-serving purpose.

17.  I’m a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino (iced) coffee fan. It started in Vermont when I took oldest DD on a road-trip to visit colleges.  Only one local off the beaten path place to get a beverage.  I have a 5 (4-pack) a week habit now. (Gave it up when I went on Atkins and lost 40 lbs.)   She ended up marrying a guy from Vermont.  So I go up there quite a bit now.

18.  My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s anything. But we do have a local place in town that has the best gourmet ice cream.  I could go there every night of the week, but it closes in winter.  I gained a lot of weight one summer, eating ice cream every nite.

19.  I love my cat.  He’s so aloof, like Garfield. I’ve always liked cats.  I married a Dog person. We used to have a German Shepard mutt that ate my arm, even as a puppy.  He died of epilepsy at 18 months.  Then we had a Black Lab for 12 years, even before the kids came along.  I miss that dog.  Then we were fur-free for awhile until The Cat (now 13)came along.  Now we have 2 3 cats, as I adopted a stray baby calico kitty my daughter found abandoned at her condo

20.  My Charming son-in-law is so awesome, it was as if I hand-picked him. I knew from the moment I met him that he was “the one” for my daughter.  He’s so patient.  I have a guardian angel watching over me who sent him specifically.   Thank you.  You know who you are.

21.  I think am superstitious and psychic. That’s p-s-y-c-h-i-c, not psycho.  Maybe that’s not the word.  I have a “gift”.  I know things, and feel things.  I can sense things.  I’m psychic.  My family thinks I’m crazy.  No, actually they don’t.  After so many things I’ve told them that I feel were going to happen that did, I think they “might” actually believe it now.  I think everybody has a sense, it’s just that they haven’t developed it to their fullest potential.  I have.

22.  I really want to retire from my day job and the dreaded cubicle. I’m tired of it and all the politics and corporate culture stuff after all these years.  Just the daily grind of getting up and going in every day is getting to me.  But I still have a mortgage.  I suppose I should be happy I still have a job.

23.  I really enjoy blogging. I’ve always been a writer.  It’s the paralegal in me.  I used to find it hard to write nice things, after composing so many collection letters over the years when I worked in law offices.  In fact, it was hard to write “thank you” and “sympathy” notes when I had to do them for the family.  It wasn’t my style.  But I’m getting better at being nice.

24.  When I was pregnant I craved SOS with one kid, and poached eggs on toast with the other. Neither kid eats that stuff.

25.  I only have one brother who lives in Rochester, NY Maryland Rochester  (he lost his job and moved on because of the economy upstate) I don’t get to see him as often as I’d like to.  He comes to visit me,but I flew up there by myself this past May.  I’m going to do it more often, whenever I get the money.

26.  Golf, to me, is an extreme sport.

27.  All families have skeletons in their closet.

28.  It’s a long-standing rumor that one of my great-aunts was a Madam and ran a brothel. Don’t know if this is true – I only met her once when she was really old (older than me now).

29.  I still bite my nails. Too cheap to get gels anymore, so I grew them out.

30.  I have never lived alone.

31.  I’m finding I’m taking an interest in photography later in life, especially scenic photography. I wish I developed this interest sooner.  My brother is a professional photojournalist and has a degree in it.  I do OK with a digital point and shoot. My interest in photography stems probably from the fact that I always wanted to travel.

32.  Did I mention I want to retire? Due to poor planning, I will be working until I croak – whichever comes first.  I will be the next Dooce and probably get canned because of my blogging.

33.  I have an SAT vocabulary. It didn’t get me into my #1 choice of college though.

34.  Surprise – I’m also an expert with four-letter words.

35.  When I come back in another life, I want it to be as a 5’7″ blonde.

36.  Places I want to visit (or visit again) and hope to  get to (feel free to leave me recommendations!):

California (San Diego, LA, San Francisco, & wine country); Lake Tahoe; Las Vegas;  Sanibel Island; Key West; Disney World; Outer Banks; Raleigh, NC; Myrtle Beach; Ocean City, MD; Wisconsin Dells; Austin, TX; Mackinac Island, MI; the Grand Canyon; Seattle, WA; Vancouver, BC; PEI, Canada; Halifax, Nova Scotia; the Caribbean (on a cruise) and Alaska (on a cruise – as long as I can’t see Russia); Acapulco, Mexico; Bermuda; Ireland; England; parts of Europe …

37.  I like to take naps … a lot. My grandmother always said to take your naps.

38.  Once upon a time I did a lot of crafts – crochet afghans, scarfs, baby things, doilies; I quilted.  I used to make all the Cabbage Patch kids clothes for my girls’ dolls.  I made every single one of their Halloween costumes and also sewed for ‘Lil Moomette.  I was also big into doing counted cross-stitch and have made many beautiful samplers, which are framed throughout the house.  I haven’t done any crafts in ages. I’m going to start now that I have a new Janome sewing machine and have found Pinterest.

39.  I don’t think I could ever live anywhere that wasn’t within a 45-minute drive of the ocean. Not a lake, but the ocean.

40.  I wish I had a huge RV and could take a year off and just travel across the country, like a nomad. Thank goodness the kids have a pop-up camper so I get invited to go on camping trip vacations throughout New England with them!

41.  I luv new clothes – but I can’t stand shopping. I know style (at least for my age) when I see it – one of those kind of things!  Really, I need a personal shopper.  I’d much rather shop online because I can’t stand malls, all that music bombarding you, and the crowds.  It’s OK if my daughters are now my personal shoppers – as long as they don’t make me try to dress like I’m 20-something.

42.  I need a housekeeper. Although I enjoy a clean home, I don’t like doing the work myself. Given a choice – clean, or blog – what do you think it’s going to be?

43.  I’m a professional student. I’m happy when I’m in a classroom learning new things.  Although I’m done with college (unless I audit classes), I enjoy taking Adult Ed classes in town.

44.  Food QuirksLikes:  Boiled potatoes with relish; herring in cream sauce; SOS; poached eggs; yellow mustard on everything; rare meat (mooing, please); Dislikes:  most all veggies (especially cooked carrots) except green ones (brussel sprouts excluded); any meat that I knew it’s first name; venison – although I haven’t tried it that I was aware of (to be continued)

45. I’m a cat person.  I married a dog person. We had a dog that died of epilepsy.  DH brought him home.  Now we have 2, 3,  2 cats.  RIP Kitty who died this January at age 16.  See #19 above.

46.  I really like Pistachio nuts. Used to eat the red ones (that’s all we had when I was a kid) and break them open with my teeth.  Don’t do that any longer, and now I can eat the white ones by bagfuls!  Even at $6.99/pound.

47.  Did I mention I love to bake? Actually, I’m pretty good at it – especially cooking cakes from scratch.  They’re really the only kind I like.

48.  I’m a Capricorn – a goat – born in January.  Stubborn.  Sort of.  When I want to be.  Usually I’m a mediator.  But don’t get me mad.

49.  When I’m working on the computer, it needs to be in complete silence. No music, no interruptions.  Not possible in this house with kids and grandkiddos.

50.  I weighed under 100 lbs. when I got married in 1974. Im a size 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 …. UPDATED!  On Atkins since 4/10 and have lost 38 lbs. and now a size 14, 12, 10, 8, 6

51.  Since I was 16, I have had my hair highlighted. Back then we called it frosted.  Translation – I am anal about how my hair is highlighted.  I go through hair stylists like nobody’s business.   Can’t anybody get it right?  My favorite one that I had for years moved to Texas.  He was magnificent.  How much are airline tickets from CT to TX?  The stylist I have now has taken years to train, but she’s a keeper.

52. See No. 44 re Veggies and No. 50 re Atkins. I have grown accustomed to eating veggies (gag reflex – under duress) and have probably eaten more salad in 2 months than I’ve eaten in my entire life.

53. No. 1 Priority Feature when looking for a new car: It has to have  a lighted makeup mirror over the driver’s visor.  Really.  Encourage your daughters to go into engineering.

54. I’ve become really fussy particular about where I get my nails done. It seems all the techs are in a rush when you go to get a manicure or pedicure – Hurry up for the next customer.  If my polish chips the next day, you can bet your $%& I’ll be back to get it fixed, especially after I’ve spent so much money. #notmyfault

55.  ‘Till Death Do Us Part – maybe. Scenario (truth): Give me the choice between DH driving in Boston with a map over the steering wheel; and my VZW GPS – which one do you think I’d want to part with?  You be the judge.

56. I’m a Conference Virgin. Yup, never been to a blogging conference.  I need a Sponsor to get there.  I’m eager to go and eager to work, and would really like to meet all my blogging peers and PR reps, and learn from the breakout sessions.  I almost got to go to BlogHer10 in NYC.  Close.  As in  “close only counts in horseshoes.” I wrote a post about it.    Want to Sponsor me?  As long as it doesn’t take place on August 5th.

57. I’m a software person, not a hardware person. And I don’t read instruction books or directions.  Except for cookbooks.  That annoying humming noise coming from my CPU?  What, a fan?  You want me to what?  Get a screwdriver, take the side off  and clean the fan?  Scary.

58. I don’t like the cold or being cold. At all.  (Warning – long paragraph) Ya, New England, historic, colonial, yada yada, I like love it and promote it (spring summer, fall.)   But Snow? Nice to look at.  Skiing?  Been there, done that a few times in HS.  Went to VT a few times to ski in my late teens, early 20s, sat down on my butt coming down the ice from the top of the mountain; preferred to be seen in the Lodge.  Sleigh rides?  Nice, as long as there’s a nightcap in a lounge somewhere in front of a fire afterwards. Really, This Old House – who wants to blog with those little fingertipless gloves?  ( I have them and wear them.)   Give me palm trees, green/blue sea, sand between my toes and a warm breeze, some SPF suntan lotion & a drink with a little umbrella in it, thank you very much.

59.  Driving Quirks.

  • 1) It seems that the longer I’ve been married – the slower the Hubster drives, and the faster I drive.  It used to be the other way around when we were younger.
  • 2) Hello out-of-state folks? It’s Right-On-Red after stop & except where posted here in Connecticut 3) Air Bag (not wind bag) To the fam – If I want to pull the seat up to within 6 inches of the steering wheel I will because I’m short, and I don’t want to hear about it
  • 4) I Break with my Left Foot – always have since I was 16 and always will (now don’t ya’ll go reporting me)

60.  I’m a Capricorn. Married to a Taurus.  According to Wikipedia, we’re supposed to be compatible, but things do get dicey.  How we managed to hold it together for over 30 years is beyond me.

  • Capricorn – (December 22 – January 20)
  • Practical, Prudent
  • Pessimistic, Fatalistic

61.  I’m a firm believer that Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  ‘Nuf Said.

62.  I still wear Yellow Gold jewelry.  I know, it’s behind the times and most people wear either Platinum or White Gold jewelry.  My kids like Sterling Silver.  But my wedding band and diamond engagement ring were Yellow Gold, and my good Coach watch is Yellow Gold, as are most of my good earrings.  So I can’t see the point in switching now at my age.

63.  One can never have enough diamonds.  Ever.  Liz Taylor was my hero.  No visit to New York City is complete without a pass-through at Tiffanys Jewelers.  A girl can daydream.

64.  At one time I wanted to be a stewardess, which all gals my age wanted to do.  But they had a height requirement, ah, like 5-feet 2 inches back then.  I was too short.

65. I crochet things. I’ve been crocheting since I was 10 when my aunts taught me. I have a shop on Etsy where I sell my things, and a shop on Zibbet where I sell my things. Both are called MoomettesCrochet. Come visit me and check out my stuff.

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