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Advertising Gone Wrong ~ Twitter Moms Sound Off about Motrin


I was on Twitter last night when the topic came up alerting all moms to a public relations advertising campaign gone wrong.

My oldest daughter gave birth in August this year to my grandson, and is using a baby sling carrier to carry him (her second child) and singing the praises of her decision.

Apparently Motrin has a new advertising campaign that ended up making a mockery of all moms who use baby slings and carriers. I viewed the advertisement and couldn’t believe what I saw or heard.

You can view the ad, which lives on at YouTube HERE.

As I’m a Baby Boomer Grandma ~ slings were up-and coming but not quite mainstream when my children were babies. I feel insulted for all the new young moms, and women in general who have all these wonderful healthy opportunities for parenting available today.

My daughter has a BS in Marketing ~ hopefully through viral marketing and the power of Twitter, academic professors will take note and instruct young students how NOT to market to women, and how NOT to underestimate the power of Twitter and the internet.

I may be a Grandmom, but having grown up in the 60’s and 70’s I still know how to make my voice heard.

My Twitter comment was among those featured in the Motrin Moms video. Follow the conversation and comments by using #motrinmoms and Follow me on Twitter User “Moomettesgram.”

For more information and to see and “listen” to the voices of many of my Twitter mom friends speaking out against the Motrin ad, visit Here.

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  1. i haven’t used one for zachary yet, but i am amazed at how twitter will cause this ad to be taken off the air! go moms and women on twitter!!!


  2. So nice to meet another Boomer Mom! I don’t have any grand kids yet so I’m an empty-nester with plenty of time on my hands to stir up a little trouble on the internet. This is a great post. Love the picture of your daughter and grandson. I would have loved to have had a sling when my sons were little. Especially after the second one came. It would have made it so much easier to wear the baby while spending time with my then toddler. I envy all the new moms who have this option and when I become a grandma my self, I plan to wear the grand kids.

  3. Great post! Come check out mine. :-)

  4. Keep It Classy, Jen

    Great post and thanks for stopping by my post! Yes a Baby Boomers did raise me right! It’s unfortunate I can’t say the same for EVERYONE(Motrin ad ppl and a few bloggers saying we are just looking for attentions!) We will be talking about it more tomorrow on our radio show at 11am CST/9am PST

  5. CanCan (MomMostTraveled)

    I linked you in my post!
    I was thinking too about the implications of baby wearing as a trend. Does that mean that having the actual baby is also an attempt to be trendy?

  6. Great post! Thank you so much for visiting me over at my blog! :) Come back again :)

  7. I put a pic of my hubby wearing the baby. It’s adorable. Not fashionable, but adorable…

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