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There are numerous tools available on the Internet to assist online businesses. A valuable tool that you should use is the Alexa Toolbar. Even better, this tool is free.

Alexa Toolbar Benefits For Bloggers


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There are numerous analytic tools available on the Internet to assist in online business blogging. A valuable tool that you should use is the Alexa Toolbar. Even better, this tool is free.

Benefits of using the Alexa Toolbar

Internet Tools – Blogging Strategies

I’ve been doing some blog tweaking lately.  Recently I’ve installed the Alexa Internet Toolbar.  Apparently it’s working out well as my Alexa rank has been steadily decreasing.  Also, I’ve switched to the Wordpres Genesis theme since I’ve redesigned my blog.

If you have a blog, you might want to consider an Alexa toolbar download to improve your SEO and stats. Theoretically, the Alexa toolbar isn’t spyware as it doesn’t retrieve any private or personal information.

Alexa WebAlexa blog is owned by Amazon, and ranks sites from 1 to 5,000,000 and sometimes higher. Ranking  #1 has the most traffic while anything below 250,000 and you should be getting some decent traffic levels on your statistics report. This information can be used to determine how well your advertising campaigns are going and how your traffic levels are growing over a period of time. Since I sometimes write product reviews and have a PR Media Kit, I monitor these statistics and update my Media Kit periodically.

This information can also be used to determine how your fellow bloggers are doing and keep you one step ahead of them. The tool provides you with essential information regarding any site you’re looking at, including your own. If a company approaches you claiming they have lots of traffic, you can just pull up their site and review the Alexa statistics. This allows you to verify who’s receiving a significant amount of traffic and who’s feeding you a line.

So now you want to know how do you use this tool? First, you download the Alexa Toolbar as follows:

1. Go to
2. Click “Download Alexa Toolbar” at the top of the page.
3. Click “Install” on the next page.
Reload the page you are viewing and the toolbar will appear across the top of your browser.

If any of your readers have the Alexa toolbar installed, any time they visit you, it will help your rankings.  In turn, when you visit their sites, you’ll be building back links while helping your fellow blog buddies out.

Why not try an experiment for a month – download the toolbar and monitor one of your sites.  Once you see the data you receive and the way it can be interpreted and used, you won’t know how you survived without it!

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  1. I have the Alexa tool bar but haven’t messed with it much…I’ll start using it! Thanks..great post!

  2. I get why Alexa can be beneficial but I have to admit, I resent the importance placed on its stats by advertisers. I have no idea how Alexa figures out my rating but it goes up, it goes down, it goes all around, with no rhyme or reason. Even when my traffic is increasing, my Alexa rating will rise – wth?

    I hate that advertisers place so much importance on an Alexa rating – what if half my visitors don’t even have the toolbar installed? It does not accurately reflect my traffic.

    I hate the fact that I have subconsciously connected my self-worth with my Alexa rating.
    .-= Look at what Creative Junkie hopes you’ll read: …Welcome to the Barfiarrhea =-.

  3. Thank you for this post. I recently installed the alexa tool bar and really like it! I kind of agree with creative junkie on the whole reflecting who you are, because it is not all that accurate. but, I like it just the same!
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  4. Creative Junkie ~ I agree that advertisers do place emphasis on Alexa ratings. It does help each person who blogs to have it and my point is that if it’s installed, we help each other out on the rankings.

  5. Kim – I use several different methods to track my stats, and no two are the same!

  6. Thank you for this site information. I have not heard of it, and I have much work to do on my blog. Very informative…thanks!
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  7. I agree that regardless of how we feel about the metric itself, installing the toolbar does seem to help on our own sites. My best site is only at 150K right now, so I still have a way to go. But I had uninstalled it on Explorer when I kept having Explorer problems. I heard that it is less obtrusive when you use Firefox, so I recently switched to Firefox and added it on. My ranks have been consistently coming down ever since! (down the good way…)
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  8. I downloaded the Alexa tool bar many months ago, and I will say it has helped my ranking. But I agree with Creative Junkie – I don’t think it’s that accurate, even though my traffic has been gradually increasing, my Alexa ranking has decreased.

    My advice is to not obsess over the numbers, focus on creating quality content and cultivating relationships, when you do something that you love the rest will fall into place.
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  9. Thanks for this info!

    Stopping by from Fri Follows – I’m a new follower whether late or early, I am here!. Love to have you stop by:

  10. I am not a big toolbar fan but did install this to test it out and I tweeted about your page using the Twitter button on the Alexa toolbar too! Thanks for the great article!

  11. I have so many toolbars installed, what’s one more, lol! I guess I’ll see what it can do for me. Thanks Cindi.
    .-= Look at what Tammy hopes you’ll read: …Giveaway: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks =-.

  12. I have enough toolbars already and don’t really care what traffic other blogs are getting. Since I don’t monetize my blog, I don’t see any point in adding this toolbar.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  13. I have had it installed but never knew what it was good for. Thanks for explaining it to me. I don’t feel so dumb now. :-) It makes sense – a little bit anyway. I’m not fond of it and am thankful most PR don’t take it into consideration.
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  14. Hi Tammy ~ I don’t have too many toolbars installed, but found that I can hide the ones I don’t use. This one is beneficial to all bloggers, although stats may differ from one to another. It doesn’t hurt to use it. It can only help.

  15. Rachael – Glad I was able to help to explain it! No questions is ‘dumb’ – we all have a learning curve! Every PR company is different in what they’re looking for.

  16. Hi Karen – Thanks for visiting from SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  17. thanks for the info – I’m going to download it now! My Alexa ranking has been at a standstill lately.
    .-= Look at what Katie hopes you’ll read: …Small Talk Six – Let me do it! =-.

  18. I can’t believe after all this time of blogging that I didn’t have the Alexa toolbar downloaded. I think what happened is I had it on my desktop but forgot to add it on my laptop. Phew, I feel so much better now! As much as I hate stats they’re a necessary part of blogging.
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  19. I think I will download this tonight.
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  20. The Alexa toolbar may be fun, and helpful for bloggers, but companies putting such an emphasis on it is ridiculous. One blogger could have 100 readers, half of which have the Alexa toolbar installed and have a much higher Alexa ranking than the next blog with 1,000 readers and fewer of them have Alexa installed.

    In order to get an Alexa ranking the people who view your site have to have the toolbar installed and running. So, unless you think you can bribe all your readers to install Alexa I wouldn’t count on having high or consistent Alexa rankings.

  21. Erica, I think you’re correct in your analogy.

    Furthermore, IF you have the toolbar installed, you would see that my ranking is now down to 66,265 from the onset of this post.

    Bribe? I think you’re absolutely RUDE to insinuate that I was bribing anybody.

    I make suggestions. Whether my readers choose to act on those suggestions is up to them.

  22. Oh, Dear!! I did not in any way mean to insinuate that you’re bribing people to sign up for Alexa to up your ranks!!! I’m sick just thinking that I came across that way…

    I know you were suggesting it on the grounds that it’s helpful in other ways, for bloggers!

    I’m just saying, in general… some people are really worried about their rankings and I see them asking why in the world their rankings are so bad and I have a hard time telling them it’s not really something they can change, unless they can get their readers to install Alexa.

    Sorry if I came off wrong! I love you and your blog!
    .-= Look at what Erica Mueller hopes you’ll read: … – Find It. Track It. Share It. 60-day Free Trial =-.

  23. Erica – Apology accepted. Yes, I agree that there are many factors that affect rankings; Alexa is just one of them.

    However, for bloggers who are concerned about improving their stats for business purposes, having the toolbar installed is a means to assist them.

    Even for bloggers who don’t monetize their sites but write for personal pleasure – if their blog is submitted to a blog directory, the higher up they are found in the blog directory, the better their chances of being found and gaining new readers.

  24. I’m using the Chrome browser and I don’t think they have an Alexa extension yet.

    However, I probably wouldn’t use it anyway. I’m using a couple of extensions like Chrome SEO and SEO Site Tools to get an idea of the Google Page Rank and Alexa rank are on some other blogs that I visit but that’s as far as I go.

    I’ve heard countless stories about how unreliable the Alexa ranks are and honestly I’ve never heard of anyone that was turned down by an advertiser because of the Alexa Rank. Perhaps this applies to Amazon Affiliates, (which is not something anyone should worry about) but I haven’t confirmed that.

    It’s always good to try things for yourself and I see that you noticed a negative change in your rank already. Testing is an important part of blogging because what works for others might not work for you.

    One more thing, an issue came up last month where some Alexa reviews were missing. Alexa contacted me via Twitter and admitted that there was a problem and the reviews were restored. It’s interesting that they never realized the problem until my friend and I started tweeting about it. LOL!

    Thanks for the conversation, it’s a good one to have.
    .-= Look at what Ileane @Blogging hopes you’ll read: …Diigo Extension for Google Chrome Browser =-.

  25. Hi Ileane ~ Thanks for the info on Chrome. I’ve debated installing it but decided not to tempt fate with Murphy’s Law. While I agree that I haven’t heard of any product reviewers being turned down for Alexa rankings, I still believe in optimizing my site and rank through whatever means and SEO I’m able to.

  26. Thanks for better explaining the Alexa toolbar. I didn’t really understand the importance of downloading the tool bar to decrease my stats but i’m going to give this a try. Thanks again :)

  27. I just happen upon your post on Twitter and i sure glad I did. I was told early on to install the Alexa toolbar, but I didn’t know the importance of it. The blog gurus told me to. Now I know why. I didn’t know ad companies place such high regard in it.

    I also watch my Google rank, or should I say Non rank. If and when I rank on Google I will have a BIG PARTY!!!

    Do you have any advise on Google Ranking?

    Great blog, thx.
    Allie would like you to read..Anatomy of a Blog- 4 Basic Parts to a BlogMy Profile

  28. Cindi,
    I had the Alexa toolbar installed because I was told I should. Honestly, I didn’t know why or what for. I read this post a month ago and finally started paying attention to the toolbar. My ranking has gone down 74,649 in one month. Thanks for telling is WHY we should use this tool.

  29. I have the tool bar … and i have to say i’m kinda obsessed with seeing everyone’s numbers!!
    makes me feel good to see i have a better rating then some others..
    NOT yours , of course… you are currently 41,221 , i still way up in the clouds at 651,160 but i have seen it steadily go down.
    tina would like you to read..Does Life EVER Get Easier Well- Does ItMy Profile

  30. Clouds?? Girl, you don’t know from clouds! My ranking is 4 MILLION! LOL I’m new with all this stuff, so still learning the ropes…

    Thanks for the awesome info!
    QponCutie would like you to read..It’s Not About the Stuff!My Profile

  31. I use Chrome and have the alexa installed. It shows your site as you updated :)

    However, I find it hard to put any strength in that alexa or google PR when they won’t stay consistent in how you can improve. Yes, I understand that advertisers have to go off of of something. But PR and Alexa don’t have anything to do with actual target market.

    Now if advertisers looked up their target keywords, they could find their advertisers in a cinch. Hey, I’m number 1 in many of target keywords for quite a few sites. lol That has much more weight than a PR or alexa ranking.

    But I can’t ever get away from looking at that green bar move on my sites. There is just something about it and earning that. Congrats Cindi! Yes, no matter what it means, I will still always want that low number like you got!
    Val would like you to read..Revamping at the End of the YearMy Profile

  32. Hi Cindi! I’ve been following you around the internet and I just reviewed you on Alexa!

    You have a great site and I always enjoy reading your posts! :)
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  33. I use google chrome and have the alexa extension installed I am not sure if that works like the toolbar??
    toni jensen would like you to read..Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  34. I’ll try it out and see if it works.
    Jennifer Medeiros would like you to read..How to Become a Product Reviewer Part 1My Profile

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