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Baby Boomer Flower Children – Are Advertising Marketers Courting us or Passing Us By?


I’m confused. Doesn’t take much.

I came of age in the 1970’s – the Woodstock Generation, Flower Children, Age of Aquarius – what-ever. I’m a Baby Boomer, and we don’t give up. And just in case you’re wondering, no, that’s not me in the photo above.

From all I’ve read lately, there’s supposed to be a whole slew of us coming into retirement soon, and our jobs are going to have to be filled by the younger set. (Ha, just try to fill our Birkenstocks).

So, my understanding is that marketers are going to be targeting us, since supposedly, we have quite a bit of disposable income to spend on our newly-found leisure activities. (Um, I’m not quite there yet, but you all know I’m trying.)

I was surfing through blogs (my new-found past time when I’m not working on my blogs.) Since I’m trying to reinvent myself with an eBiz second career, I fell in love with the blog, What’s That Smell. On it, there’s a section that has the most comprehensive information written that I’ve seen so far about how to go about signing up for paid surveys. I trust the information written on that blog, because the moms are really down-to-earth, and seem pretty straight-forward. I’m a good judge of character, and my first impressions are usually right-on.

Anyway, I signed up for quite a few Surveys, trying to get my feet wet here, and started with the basic suggestion from What’s That Smellto go slowly.

Um, it seems the marketers don’t like me, or maybe the Baby Boomer in me. I filled out all the forms and waited for the survey invitations to come in. In they came. So I get as far as “age group” ~ OK, here it is, 45+ but not 60. Then it bombs me out and says “thanks anyway, you’ve been entered in our sweepstakes and don’t meet our requirements.” I don’t want a sweepstakes entry, I want a check or money in my Pay Pal account. Grrr.

You don’t know how many times this has happened to me.

Next up, “Are you the primary decision maker when it comes to buying cars in your household?”

Ah, yes & no. I do have a DH of over 30 years, so I have to answer ‘No.’ Bombs me out; thank you very much, goodbye.

This is getting downright discouraging. I have a WAHM gal who’s one of my designers for my sites, and she makes a “pretty good” income doing surveys. Ya, she’s younger than me.

So what’s up with all the hype that one of the hottest job markets now is supposed to be the health field that’s going to be catering to the Baby Boomers? If we’re such a hot commodity, then why don’t our opinions count anymore?

Or is it just in our Baby Boomer minds that we still count?

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