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Wishful Thinking ~ Baby Boomers – Work From Home Is An Option


Today being Monday, it was awfully hard to come down from a fun weekend and go into the cubicle.  I’m constantly researching and trying new ways to make working at home an option for me.  Here’s a great article I came across that I’d like to share with any of my readers who are in the same predicament I’m in.

Baby Boomers – Work From Home Is An Option
By Chris Tutauha

To me the baby boomer way to live life is to make the most of the options we now have, especially the option to work from home. I do not have to remind you that we have always done that. Once we see an opportunity and it looks good we go for it. This is just another one of those things we can choose to do. And just like you I would rather do it the easy way than the hard way.

How easy is it to get up out bed, go to the toilet, put the kettle on boot up the computer and voila! You are at work? Too easy! Or what about this one. Hang out with the family, go home at 10.00 pm kiss your darling good night and then fire up the computer, go to work, and when you are ready; go to bed. The good thing is you can get up when you want the next day. Unless your darling has plans (and you forgot) then you have to suffer and complain you should have left your work for later. Or how about this one. You go to another part of the country or overseas, settle somewhere, fire up your computer (laptop this time) and … that’s right … go to work. This style of having a home based business opportunity is called: work from home.

What about doing the chores around the house, mowing lawns, gardening, weeding, fixing reticulation, hanging out the clothes, doing the washing, cooking, doing the dishes, playing with your grandchildren, entertaining your friends and visitors? Well you need to do these things as well and I have a special name for this way of living, because you it’s not good to work all the time, you need to have a break. This doing things around the house is called: work at home.

Now there is work from and there is work at home. Let me explain: To make this baby boomer lifestyle to work, we need to note that there is a difference between working from home and working at home.

Although both are productive, one is designed to give you your sense of self worth, keep you mentally challenged, reward you well for your efforts financially, provide the opportunity to learn new things and give you a sense of pride that you contribute to the community, just like it used to be when you left home to go to work.
The other is what you do naturally anyway because that’s the reason you went to work in the first place. This is what we used to normally do when we came home from work. This is what I call: A mans home is his castle and if he treats his wife like a queen he get to be the king.

Meanwhile their little princes and princesses are out of the nest building their lives and the good thing about that many of them. They are not waiting until they get to our age, they are doing it now. In fact amongst the so called geeks, nerds and young minds are the very core people who have turned this work from home concept into a very user friendly opportunity for us to live life the baby boomer way. Many of these young people are the product of what we have installed into their lives.

In closing: Fellow baby boomer, be proud of the fact that you can design for yourself a baby boomer lifestyle and enlist the help of the young nerdie geekie minds, just like your little darlings. With their help you can overcome the hurdles of todays technological wonders. The internet is filled with lots of baby boomer off-spring who know how to relate to us and certainly bridge the generation gap. Remember that old saying … You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Its true, you can not teach an old dog new tricks. Let me remind you of an old trick: You are only as old as you think you are. Come join the baby boomer boom. Work from home.

Chris Tutauha is a baby boomer who grabbed the concept of working from home because he wanted to design a baby boomer lifestyle and make himself easily accessible to his family, friends and visitors. Chris loves the idea of learning from the geeks, nerds and young minds. To see where he gets it click here:

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