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Back-To-School ~ New School Year, New Friends, New Stuff, New Labels??


It’s hard to believe that we’re almost through the summer and Labor Day is right around the corner! My youngest daughter starts her Senior year of college soon, so I’m still in the parenting Back-To-School mode. My readers know that “Rosie the Riviter” decided to move back home for her Senior Year, so rather than being an Empty-Nestor for the upcoming school year, I’m still in Mama-mode.

No longer am I worrying about having to go out and buy apartment basics for Rosie, such as pots, pans, bedding and furniture. Most of it came back safely with her when she moved back in. Some of these items disappeared via roommates and probably would have returned home had they been labeled properly. That’s where Dymo label makers come in handy.

With the whiff of Autumn, New England fall foliage and and Back-To-School on my mind, I’m flashing back to the days when I used to take the obligatory first-day-of school picture, and waiving good-bye to the kiddos on the school bus. Flashback further, and I’m the one going off to school for the first time.

My first day of school would have been 51 years ago! I was a “walker,” even in Kindergarten. We only went half-days. When I was in first-grade, we were dismissed for lunch, walked home, and then back to school again. There was no such thing as a cafeteria, and I would say 99% of the moms didn’t work, and were at home to greet us with lunch! I still carried a lunch box for snacks, and we hand-wrote our names on masking tape in crayon to distinguish Betty-Lou’s from Suzie’s. That’s where the kids today are lucky, and have all the options such as color labels to mark not only their lunch boxes, but also their backpacks! We didn’t even have backpacks ~ I can remember carrying all my books in my arms, or once, in a rubberized green carrying sack!

If you’re a mom making a Back-To-School list, don’t forget to add a Dymo label maker to that list. Buying all those school supplies once certainly adds up! Having to replace them because they weren’t labeled is something none of us wants to do!

Whether you’ll be waiving goodbye to the school bus, or home school ~ don’t forget to charge the camera battery for those First-Day-of-School photos!

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