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A web site or a blog isn’t an ad. No one “reads” web sites in some sort of “web site newspaper.” In fact, nobody will discover or visit your site unless you specifically invite them. A blog or web site actually needs advertising. You have to work at building the traffic to your site in order to receive traffic.

Backlinks: How to Build Solid Traffic To Your Blog


Blogging Tips

Each day I spend a substantial portion of my time writing blog posts, reviews, and taking the time to do some social networking. Recently I’ve been allocating an additional hour towards building backlinks to my blogs.

Why You Need Backlinks On Your Website

I found some invaluable information from an all-in-one backlinks package from Lynn Terry and Paul Short that contains tools, URLs and advice on how I can get 450 search engine dominating backlinks to my site.  There’s no membership fees or logins.

World Wide Web Links

Many work-at-home moms, Direct Sales business owners, such as Tupperware, virtual assistants and graphic design businesses will put up web sites or blogs in anticipation of getting readers and clients from the Web. Usually what happens is they get few readers, or no traffic.

Here’s the reason why.

A web site or a blog isn’t an ad. No one “reads” web sites in some sort of “web site newspaper.” In fact, nobody will discover or visit your site unless you specifically invite them. A blog or web site actually needs advertising.

You need to build the traffic to your site in order to receive traffic.

Commenting on other blogs is one way to do this, and another terrific way is through backlinks.

What is a backlink?

Safety Pin LinksA backlink is a link FROM another site TO your site.

For example, if you’re a member of a social Ning site where your niche is food, and someone is looking for a food blog, then there’s a pretty good chance that this person will see your listing or personal page in the “Food” section and click a link to your web site.

This is a backlink from Food blogger’s ning to your blog.

Backlinks are also referred to as “in-bound links” and oftentimes can also be called “reciprocal links.”

Many of the links that bloggers have on their web sites are specifically designed to take visitors from the link on their web site to other web site. These are usually located in a link section called a Blogroll link exchange or a WAHM resources section, such as “Good Stuff.” These are also called “forward links” or “outbound links.”

The important thing to keep in mind is that backlinks bring visitors TO your site. Once visitors come to your blog or business web site, you can turn them into returning readers, affiliate product sales, newsletter subscribers, commissions and more.

1.  Why are backlinks totally necessary?
Foremost, an obvious reason is to direct traffic to your site. This traffic can be cashed in for sales, clients or advertising CPMs.

2.  If done right, “backlinking” can tremendously increase your search engine rankings and thus result in even more traffic.

From the eyes of search engines, your “site’s worth” increases when the number of backlinks increases. Each backlink raises the popularity of your web site.

Liken it to being someone who works the crowd when they walk into a room. The more people who know who you are, the more popular you become.  Call it the “Law of Attraction.”

3.  What can this lead to?

When people put the phrase “Mom Blogger” or “Baby Boomer” into a search engine, for the most part, the sites with higher popularity will come up first.

4.  Backlinks can create consistent traffic

Most bloggers send out weekly newsletters which often lead to  immediate “bursts” of traffic.  I send out customized weekly Newsletters to my subscribers on Wednesdays, using the Feedblitz Newsletter service.

Bursts of traffic are great, but they require that you take those additional efforts in order to continue to get that traffic.

Backlinking builds a steady, consistent, and predictable stream of traffic that keeps coming without additional work. You can confidently expect the same number of visitors each month.

With the creative backlinking strategies that I’m using through this package,  I can create a situation where my web site is attracting backlinks without me doing any work at all.

As a New Englander, to me it’s like a snowball going down-hill that hopefully continues to grow!

Check out how many links you have here: Backlinks Checker – This shows you the backlinks you have coming into your site. It take a little bit of time to get all the links if you have quite a few.
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  2. Very interesting! Thanks for the information. Now I’ve got to read again so I can absorb and try.

  3. Great great post! Thanks so much for the information – and now I’m going to have to figure out my backlink status.

  4. Hi Andrea –
    There are a number of sources to check your backlink status. This is one of them:

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  8. Cool post :-) Besides using that package, what is the most common way you build backlinks to your blog?

  9. Backlinks definitely contribute to a website/blog’s success. Though great content is more important, good linking is always a great way to increase visibility.

  10. Hi, I’ve been working on a strategy for creating backlinks but it doesn’t involve a paid service. It’s mostly submissions communities like Blog Engage, FAQPAL and the new site called BloggerLuv. I also have several blogs to help built backlinks to and from.

    Thanks for the post.
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    So far so good. Good luck with yours.
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  15. Hi Eric – The most common way I build backlinks is of course, commenting on other blogs. I find that DoFollow blogs and blogs with CommentLuv installed are better, if I find an interesting post and have something constructive to add. I have DoFollow and CommentLuv installed on my blog, as well as KeywordLuv. The jury is still out for me on KeywordLuv and I might be disabling it. I really get only a certain reader demographic base, and I’m not sure if those readers are utilizing it correctly.

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  21. I hope all your regular readers pay attention to your coverage of backlinks. It is one of the most important tasks any site can use to pull in more traffic.

    I go even further with this idea, encouraging bloggers to become visible participants in blogging communities. These are not always formalized communities – they can be simply all the bloggers who use the CommentLuv plugin for example.

    The cream of the bloggers who decide to join the dofollow CommentLuv KeywordLuv community as you have will grow the fastest.

    When they support each other with appropriate links and anchor text at every opportunity they won’t be out seeking links all the time – their community will get larger, more blogs in the same niches will join, and ALL will grow exponentially.

    There is more detail in my KeywordLuv post featured in CommentLuv in this comment. Any blogger using KeywordLuv that links to that post using KeywordLuv or KeywordLuv Lists will help us all grow.
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  30. Amanda – by switching to wp as well as utilizing some of the fantastic wp plugins available, and working on your SEO, I’m sure you’ll see your traffic go up!

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