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Today's WAHM Guest Blogger on Moomettesgram's Musings will be discussing how she got her start doing blog reviews, as well as her inauguration into the social networking world as a Mommy Blogger. You can find more of her insightful posts and reviews at Blog Reviews by Joy as well as fitness and health topics at Be the Weight You Want.

Beginning Blogging Techniques: The 411 – Guest Post



I have been  inviting bloggers and writers to share their ideas and experiences with my readers who are interested in Working from Home.

Today’s Guest Blogger is my Twitter friend @Joyntheir who will be discussing how she got her start doing blog reviews, as well as her inauguration into the  social networking world as a WAHM Mommy Blogger.  You can find more of her insightful posts and reviews at Blog Reviews by Joy as well as fitness and health topics at Be the Weight You Want.

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The Internet world, and blogging world, is like rafting down a river. You learn at every turn, you meet new people, and see new places. Your road takes twists and turns, and often your goals and directions change with it. This is a story of part of my journey, and a very special friend I have made along the way.

My Internet journey started with a website which was a project of an Internet mentor program. Journeying on, I started experimenting with a free blog on I made a stop at Blogcatalog to socialize and meet other bloggers. That is where I learned about Entrecard. I journeyed on to Entrecard, participating with a vengeance. Surfing to drop cards, I found many wonderful blogs set up for many different purposes. One lady had a blog which had posts on other blogs, all by women. She contacted me and asked if she could include my blog.

At this point I had a personal blog, a weight loss blog, and an exercise blog, but how do you get link backs? Other than a few connections I made at Blog Catalog and followed into Stumble Ipon and Digg, I was virtually alone on the Internet. I had purchased a domain name and set up my web host which gave me a home for all my blogs and sites I could set up. Think of Bloggingwomen, I decided to start a blog on which I would spotlight other blogs. I found a widget which allowed readers to give a rating (1 to 5 stars) on the post – actually on the blog. As I surfed through Entrecard, I found blogs I was impressed with – then contacted the bloggers to see if they wanted to exchange a link to one of my blogs in exchange for a spotlight on their blog.

One of the first bloggers to accept my offer was a lady by the name of Moomettesgram. She had three blogs/sites she wanted reviewed. I checked out her blogs/sites and found a wonderful world – well you can read about it at Blog Reviews by Joy.   Moomettesgram was excited by the review I wrote. She offered much encouragement to me. We continued to communicate with each other as we bumped into each other around the web. I began to look for her with each stop I made and became more and more impressed with this obviously gracious lady with a generous heart.

One day I received an email asking me if I would like to write for an ‘online magazine for and by women’ as she had become editor of one of the channels. The posts would contain a link-back to my blog and get recognition for me on the Internet. I was honored and began to write posts for them. When I began reviewing blogs again, she had a new blog which I also did a spotlight on. By the way, it is rated as the top blog on Blog Reviews by Joy by the readers.

One of the first sites I joined on a stern recommendation of my coach was Twitter. I did not care for Twitter. It was an endless conversation of thousands of people all talking at one time. My brain could not wrap around it. A few months later, I heard of a new social site called Plurk. At that point I was joining all the bookmarking and social sites there were, if only to ensure no one else would be using my brand (user name) of @Joyntheir. I really liked Plurk because of the way the conversations are displayed. It has a timeline, the start of a Plurk, and a drop down showing all the answers and interaction on that first Plurk. It was much easier to follow. I meet more people and using Plurk, I became accustomed to that type of communication. The drawback was I would go there when I had time and not find anyone to Plurk with.

I went back to Twitter to check it out. Who did I find there? Yes sir, Moomettesgram. She and her Twitter friends included me in the Twittering, making me feel welcome. I began running into others I had met at Digg, Stumbleupon, and Blogcatalog along with Mixx, Facebook, Mybloglog, and FriendFeed. I started adding everyone I had any contact with in other social sites, and they followed me back! I went to the other social sites and found Twitter groups where people listed their name to follow and be followed on Twitter. My following and follows began to grow. I read the ‘guides’ about Twitter online, and little tips. I began to look for Tweeple (thats people) with the same interests as mine. There are at least 4 sites who list Tweeps by name and interest which give you lists of Tweeple you can follow.

Caution: If you are on Twitter to post your links periodically throughout the day, you will not get very far. You need to build relationships, let people get to know you – an individual.  Give helps when you can. Retweet others links and remarks when applicable. Become part of the community.

So where does Twitter get me? Besides meeting others and chatting, we exchange ideas, URLs to news and items of interest, and ask and answer questions such as how to and why and sometimes when. Observing that one tweeter had daily tips and another had daily quotes, I thought “I can start putting out a daily weight loss reminder.” I started that the second week in April this year. By the third day, I was having some replies. It is very important to acknowledge the replies you receive. Some replies need to be humorous, while others need to be a little more straight forward. Then I noticed there were more people with Twitter names referencing weight issues  starting to follow me. There is an online app called Twitthis you can choose while on a sites or posts which will send a tweet that says something like this: (I am)” browsing around “this new house” blog and finding useful information on redecorating”. Other Tweeple will read my tweet and click on the link to check out the site. This is a gentle way to put your blog link in a tweet and a way to get traffic to your blog or site.


If I were on the Internet just to write about whatever and didn’t care if anyone read it, then I would not need to get involved with the groups I have mentioned. However, whether I make any money or not, I want to help people who have problems with losing weight get to where we want to go; Be The Weight You Want .  And to do that I have to find people who are interested or need that information to let them know I am there and I have a blog which could help them. I need to continue to connect on the Internet, write articles or guest post on other wonderful blogs, and keep up with what is going in in the Internet world (like who is buying what or partnering with who, i.e., which way is Google headed today).

As for Blog Reviews by Joy I plan on continuing to find new promising blogs to spotlight. Any criticism or suggestions I have on one, I will give to the blogger via email. My goal is to raise the page ranking so that the links hold more SEO weight for the bloggers, helping both the bloggers and I to get closer to the search engine lights in an effort to be taken notice of. Yes, this will involve some Tweets. In the future, I hope to be able to give a monthly prize, at least a badge or banner award to the top blog of that month, and a bigger “something” to the blog of the year. I need to stir up interest in enough people to register and vote on the blogs. And to pay the expenses of the blog, I need to choose good blogging that will help to advertise in the column. Someday I might know enough to offer paid reviews to the newer bloggers trying to get their blog on track and noticed.

If you are interested in the Internet; if you like to socialize, and if you like being on a continuous journey of learning, you have begun a journey in a world of its own. You can go many places and meet many people of all types from your home. With the advances in technology, you can even speak face- to- face with others. Or you can simply have conversations by IM-ing (instant text messaging), leaving messages on sites, or emails. You can be as secluded or as included as you feel comfortable with. If you are lucky enough to meet people like Cindi, you have made a friend for life that someday you might have coffee with in the real world.

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For More Information Visit:

Blog Reviews By Joy

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  1. I’ve known Joy for a long time. It’s refreshing to read about her progress in blogging. I’m happy to know her on Twitter as well. Now I’ll be checking into her Blog Reviews Joy! It’s also nice to see how you, Cindy are sharing your knowledge about blogging with others. You are teaching me a lot along the way as well.

    ConnieFoggles’s last blog post..Giveaways and Contests Catch Up Post

  2. Hi Connie ~
    I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to meet Joy & follow her travels along the way! Joy’s blog reviews are so thoughtful, and really show that she thoroughly investigates each site and ads a personal touch to each review.

    Thanks for your kind words & I’m also delighted that our paths have crossed!

  3. I admire people who can manage more than one blog. I’m not that talented yet.

    I like the analogy of blogging with the rafting.

    Maria@Conversations with Moms’s last blog post..Mother’s Day Coupons and Savings Program

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