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Bermuda Stairs

Bermuda Doors – Travel Photography Journal


There’s this special fascination I have with steps. I always feel like climbing a staircase to see where the path will take me.  While on vacation in Bermuda, I took a photo of the steps to the door of this beautiful house in St. Georges to remind me of the beautiful simplicity and design of the architecture of Bermuda homes and the people lucky enough to live in Bermuda year ’round.  Everywhere we went the homes in Bermuda were decorated with stunning native potted plants!

Bermuda Stairs

Next time I visit I was thinking wouldn’t it be nice to check out the homes for rent in Bermuda!

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  1. Hey – Happy WW! I worked for many years as a Legal Assistant in San Francisco. The commute was indeed a killer.

  2. Jenn in Holland

    Looks like a great place to spend the day, with a book in hand!

  3. How cozy and welcoming that looks!

  4. Amy-Happy Momma

    Beautiful detail and the look of adventure…! This is a really peaceful photo full of detail and the promise of a good time.

    Happy WW!

  5. Sassy Mama Bear

    Wow, what a beautiful picture, makes me want a vacation so much. Great WW, mine is up.

  6. Looks like an inviting place!

    Happy WW!

  7. that looks gorgeous. i cud sit on those steps for ages!

  8. Very pretty stoop!

  9. very homey

  10. Hello Cindi,

    Just came upon your blog and other sites today and I must say that I’m enjoying myself reading and checking your sites.

    I love the picture that you chose for your blog header, is it one of your own?


  11. Stopping by from Momdot…

    I love this picture! Just beautiful, thanks for sharing :)


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