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Lily Tomlin in character as Ernestine the telephone operator

One Ringy Dingy – Best Cell Phone for Seniors


Sometimes “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” so goes the old saying.  I just have to share with you the newest and latest tech gadget cell phone for Baby Boomers or Senior Citizens.

However, first I must backtrack.

Best Cell Phone For Seniors

One Ringy Dingy

When my daughters were tweens, we had two old-fashioned rotary dial telephones in the house.  One was in our Great Room and was a wall phone, while the second was in the Master Bedroom, and was a desk phone.

For years we got by with these relics, because they still worked.  Back in 1989 I insisted we add an answering machine because I was job-hunting for a full-time job.  Not being a techie, the Hubby reluctantly installed it.  I firmly believe in right brain, left-brain, and this brain doesn’t do hardware.  It does software.

Anyways, when the girls’ friends would come over, oftentimes they would want to use the phone to Call Home, just like ET.

On such a day, we told our daughter’s best friend that the phone was on the wall.  The unsuspecting kiddo picked it up, gave a quizzical look, and asked WTH she was supposed to do with it, and how to use it?

At that point, I made a unilateral decision (as always) that we WERE going to get a touch-tone, push button state-of-the-art, portable cordless phone, just like the Jones’.  And besides, I am paranoid and was sick of walking into the bank to do my banking and wanted to do my banking online, just like the Jones’.

Boomer Generations

I think you can see where I’m headed with this.  The Hubby is a technophobe.  Sure, he can take the dishwasher apart and figure out what’s broken about it, and then put it back together again so it will work fine.  He just doesn’t know how to load it; turn it on or empty it.

When it comes to a smart-phone, iPhone 4, 4S, 5, Android or  Blackberry Curve for the Hubby there is:

  • No pre-programmed telephone numbers
  • No email
  • No Speakerphone
  • No Messaging
  • No Internet Browsing
  • Not even an ATM card


When my IRL friend sent me this photo, I just have to share with anyone who’s a Baby Boomer, or who can appreciate the trials and tribulations of living with a technophobe!

I just got my new cell phone, and it’s one that I can understand, outsmart, and know how to operate!!!
I got it at the “Bell Cell Phone for Seniors store” at the mall!
You REALLY have to be MATURE(!) to appreciate THIS.

Cell Phone for Baby Boomers Seniors

I know some of you are not old enough to get this, but you can pass it on to some old person who is.

Now I’ll just have to see what kind of mobile deals and senior citizen cell phone plan I can get for him on this baby!

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  1. LOL I grew up with the old rotary phone. It was amazing when we got a second line in the kitchen and had push buttons! But it was still corded so I had to buy a super long cord so I could hide up the stairs with it when I called my boyfriend at college (now hubby).

    Our phone we had forever was dark red and we all called it the bat phone. What a pain it was when you miss dialed that thing. It took at least a minute out of our day (gasp)

  2. You had a phone in your room?!!! You were one of those spoiled rich girls! lol
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  3. How about giving our grandparents an iPhone? With apps of course.
    Have you seen the recent YouTube video uploaded by their granddaughter? The couple did a very good video there, they don’t know that the video was on, they want to take pictures and never guessed it was recording. I forgot the name and the link. But it really was really entertaining.

  4. This is terrific. I grew up with the rotary dial. I am wondering if the new phone number is 1-800-Are-U-Old?

  5. That’s so funny! I can still remember waiting for the dial to get all the way back around so that I could dial the next number. It was fine if it was all small numbers! LOL Thanks for linking with me at the Sit and Relax hop! Have a great week, Cindi!

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  8. Hi Melissa – Thanks for stopping by!
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  10. Hi Cindi,
    LOL, that’s too funny! And complete with a plan, too. I can still remember the rotary phone we had when I was not yet 5 years old. It was black and I was fascinated with it. I wasn’t allowed to use it because it was used for business so I used to sneak whenever no one’s around. I liked to turn the dial all the way and suddenly let go.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

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