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When I started my blog in 2008 I was hyper-conscious of protecting my family's privacy. I did not want my life to be an open book on the Internet.

Blog Privacy Security Concerns: Guest Post By Musings From Me


I have been inviting bloggers and writers to share their ideas and experiences with my readers who are interested in Working from Home.

Today’s Guest Blogger is my Twitter friend @MusingsFromMe, who will be discussing blogging, privacy concerns and her experience with social networking as a Mommy Blogger.  You can find more of her terrific posts at Mom On The Run

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When I started my blog in 2008 I was hyper-conscious of protecting my family‘s privacy. I did not want my life to be an open book on the Internet. My main concern with blogging was that a potentially unsound person would find me online and set out to harass me if my location was known or if I revealed too much personal information. Is this likely to happen? Well, no. Could it happen? Well, yes.

In order to protect my family’s privacy, I did not write about the following:

  • my children
  • my hometown
  • my friends and my family

My decision was a sound one. I certainly was protecting our privacy, but my blog was not that interesting to read. By not including my children or information about myself I was not allowing a reader to have a reason to read. I come back to a blog for two reasons: (1) the blogger‘s writing style and (2) because I enjoy hearing about the blogger and her family.

About two months ago I started writing about my family. The change to my blog was dramatic.

My blog morphed from a hodge-podge of entries to more fully formed blog about my children and our life. I have a sense that readers are getting to know me as a blogger. I have found that commenters are coming back to find out what I am writing about next.

My blogging policy is that I mention my children by their pseudonyms. So, my 13-year-old is Crafty Daughter, my 10-year-old is Sporty Daughter, and my 5-year-old is Adventure Boy. Oh, and my husband is Coach Dad. I’ve not resolved what to do about relatives and friends. I know my dad is itching to be featured on my blog. He reads my blog, so may be I should give him a nickname?

Anyone have a good name for an English “Grandad” living in America who is a former engineer. Leave a comment! I’d love to hear your suggestions.

There is one piece of information that I will never reveal — the town I live in. I list myself as living in Baltimore, Maryland. In reality I am quite a drive from the city. A reader coming to my blog would see pictures of my children, but not know what town we live in. I’m OK with this.

As bloggers we have to be comfortable with the information that we reveal on our blogs. I know that there are issues with my children that I would never post on the blog. I need to have control over the information I post.

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