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Stumble Upon

Blog Tip | What is Stumble Upon and How Does it Work?


Stumble Upon

If you’re new to blogging, or even an old hand at it – you’re probably aware of how much time and thought goes into writing a post.  It’s always nice to receive traffic, comments and feedback, along with new subscribers.

One of the ways to drive traffic to your blog posts is by having it Stumbled. Be sure to check out the StumbleUpon eBook for more detailed information.

I belong to the website Stumble Upon.  I also have the Stumble Upon toolbar installed.  Whenever I see a post that I enjoy, I give it a “Thumbs Up” and write a short review.  I have a profile, and have “friends” on the network.  We suggest various sites that we enjoy, and if my friends like the sites, they’ll Stumble it, and give  it a thumbs up.

There’s also the ability to become an Advertiser using Stumble Upon.

You can see how much traffic you’re getting from Stumble Upon by checking your stats.

Here’s an informative article to let you know a bit more about Stumble Upon, and why it’s important to Stumble Posts that you enjoy.

What is Stumble Upon and How Does it Work?

By Simon Lissa

Are you sick of doing Google searches and constantly getting search results that just aren’t relevant to your needs?

If you know anything about how Google and other search engines work then you would already know that when you search for a particular item the result on the first page are usually the site with the most capital to invest in online marketing. In my opinion this is not a good way to find the thing you want to buy as the companies that have spent the most on online marketing are also going to need to charge top dollar for the products they sell to cover the costs of their marketing expenses.

Stumble Upon is a great tool that is installed on your web browser toolbar. The web user votes for the best sites in a particular niche so when someone looks for a website through stumble upon they only get results from the highest voted pages for that niche.

This is the new generation of site searching and it may even one day take out the need for search engines, it is definitely a more accurate way of giving the web searcher more relevant results for what they need and soon the search engine index will become obsolete.

This constantly growing website is shaping the future of how people will find the things they want on the net by only giving results of the most heavily voted for site on the particular subject you are looking into.

I highly recommend anyone start using stumble upon the get the websites they need and if you ever find a particular page that was helpful simply use your stumble upon toolbar to give it thumbs up!

Simon Lissa is an Online Home Based Business Entrepreneur and the owner of Online Surveys Australia.
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