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Bloggers ~ Stop Burying Your EntreCard Banner At the Bottom of Your Blog!


I’ve been EntreCard dropping all afternoon, and my curiosity is piqued. I’ve discovered so many terrific blogs, and have opened folders so I can EC Drop in on my favorites, and advertise on their sites.

If you have an EntreCard banner on your site, and it’s way down at the bottom ~ my question to you is ~ WHY? Are you afraid someone is going to just “drop and run” without reading your posts?

Or even, WHY is your Entrecard on your About Me Page where I have to hunt for it? Honestly, that’s ridiculous.

I don’t drop & run. I usually read what’s going on before I drop my card on a new blog. Then I decide if I’m going to drop, and/or add it to my list of favorites in my folder.
My suggestion for everyone who has their card hidden way at the bottom of their sidebar is ~ put it ABOVE the fold! You’ll get more traffic, possibly some subscribers, and more folks willing to advertise on your site.

It’s the Baby Boomer in me, and we’re always game for a protest ~ so Join the Movement to only “Drop On Top.” Check out the new badge on Top of my EC banner. Join here.

Hat Tip to Posh Moma (where I found the blog for this tip!)

I’m certainly not going to waste my hard-earned EC points that I’ve earned dropping by placing an advertisement on your site where the card is buried at the bottom. Nope. No Way.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    Come on people, put your EC Advert higher on your blog and stop burying the EC Advert among your advertising.

  2. Amen! I totally agree!~ If I have to hunt for the ec… then, I run out of time to be reading and commenting!

  3. I don’t like dropping on blogs with their EC widget way down below too! Great reminder Cindi! Hope u’re having a good day over at ur side of the world! :)

  4. That drives me batty too!

  5. Cindi, I 100% agree with you and thanks for spreading the good word. One other tip is to be sure to look at the ads you have running each day as I actually had one person move the EC box from the top to the bottom the day I was advertising. :-( Thanks for the shout out and have a fabulous day. Much love, xoxo-pm

  6. I totally agree with you! There are some, that when I scroll to find their card, they don’t even have one.

  7. Hi! Just EC dropping and browsing. So true.

  8. I agree. Mind is just a tiny bit below the fold and on the right. I also don’t move it around, so that if people drop frequently and have a good memory they will remember where mine is.

  9. I so agree! If I have to look for it, forget it, I probably won’t even bother. But if it’s at the top, I’ll at least read the title of your post and if I find it interesting — like this one — I’ll read the entire post and possibly comment. And I want the ads I buy to be seen, so I’m not going to advertise on blogs where the widget is buried.

  10. I also agree with you I like to read a blog before I drop my card. If it is a blog that dropped on mine I will go look at it if it’s not my cup of tea I will approve their card. But if I didn’t find something to comment on I will not drop my card on theirs.I think that is how it should be done read a blog comment drop your card. After all that is what I am there for to make new blogging friends.

  11. I just started with EC and noticed the same thing. I share the same thoughts.

  12. Mine is about a third of the way down the page, whether it would be above the fold would depend how big a monitor it was being viewed on. It does tend to be level with the comments box though, so I would think it is quite visible.

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