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iPhone Blogpress Application

Blogging Applications and Productivity Tools for Smartphone iPhone Users


Recently I upgraded my smartphone and purchased the iPhone 4. Along with various apps to stay in touch with my social networks, I’m testing the Blogpress application available from the iTunes Store to allow me to post to my self-hosted WordPress blog when I travel.

Productivity Tools


Although I have an Acer Netbook, I don’t always take it with me or am near a wi-fi spot. The iPhone will give me much more flexibility to stay on top of my blogging while information is fresh in my mind, or important to pass on to readers in a timely manner.

There’s going to be a learning curve involved as I try to upload photos and not make any typos (please excuse typos.)

Another of my favorite applications that I just added is the StumbleUpon app from iTunes. Now I can Stumble my favorite websites and posts while I’m in waiting at the doctor’s office, or getting my car serviced!

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  1. Oh Cindi- you will LOVE it! I fought it for years coz I thought it was too big for my hand and I wouldn’t be able to get used to the keyboard. I was SO wrong on both counts and now – I wouldn’t switch for NOTHING!

    I use it for facebook, twitter, google+ (they just added the app yesterday), news that I can then share, approving comments on my self-hosted wordpress blog (I don’t do the actual posts – that’s easier for me on the netbook), reading books on the Kindle, playing games with the grandkids, and even checking a few bloggy stats. It’s GREAT. Not to mention the gps, the excellent and very easy to use digital camera AND video camera, and even some great apps for helping me with caring for elderly parents. I’m telling you, this thing is close to replacing my brain and I LOVE it. :)

    One very important caution. When they come out with new upgrades – I would suggest waiting a few days to make sure they work well without too many headaches. Even with that policy, I’ve occasionally had some issues after an upgrade – so best make sure you do it when you aren’t in a time crunch, just in case.

    But when it comes to the iPhone, it is SUCH a big help! Holler if you have any questions or want ideas for yet more apps – I’m slightly addicted to them :) And HAVE FUN!
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  2. I bought and iPhone 3 1-1/2 years ago and never looked back. I upgraded this March to a 4 and am in love with it’s improvements. Lots of great apps.

    I recently was gifted an iPad and that is WOW! I’ve been multitasking where I have twitter chats going on the phone working mail on the iPad and posting updates on my scheduled posts and blog hopping on the computer. Crazy! But fun :)

  3. You are way ahead of me when it comes to the iPhone. Thanks for introducing new technology and apps. I always learn from you Cindy!
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