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The issue that has developed is controversy concerning a $5.00 non-refundable “application fee” to be “considered” to be among the chosen few to attend this Summit.

Blogging Savvy: To get the meaning of something OR NOT


Blogging Conferences

    Savvy Definition


1. The cognitive condition of someone who understands; “he has virtually no understanding of social cause and effect”.

1. Get the meaning of something; “Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?”.

Intelligence Wisdom

Noun: intelligence, capacity, comprehension, understanding; cuteness, sabe , savvy ; intellect; nous, parts, sagacity, mother wit, wit, esprit, gumption, quick parts, grasp of intellect; acuteness; Adjective: acumen, subtlety, penetration, perspicacy, perspicacity; discernment, due sense of, good judgment; discrimination; cunning; refinement; (taste).


Conceive; apprehend, comprehend; take, realize, understand, savvy, appreciate; fathom, make out; recognize, discern, perceive, see, get a sight-of, experience.

Savvy Blogging – #Fail

Any blogger who’s savvy by now may have heard the latest controversy going around the blogosphere concerning the “Savvy Blogging Summit” that will be held in Colorado, in July.

If you’re on Twitter, the hashtag #savvyblogging is used to find all tweets pertaining to blogging tips, tricks, advice, and general chit chat.

On occasion, I have been known to utilize the hashtag to dispense my own words of wisdom and what I think are my best work-at-home tips, blogging tips and social media advice that I’ve developed and learned from others (for FREE, through fabulous blogs, forums, emails, etc.) over the last three+ years I’ve been blogging.

I don’t purport to know the young women who will be hosting The Summit, but I do follow these ladies as well as several of their loyal followers on Twitter, and I believe they follow me back.

I first learned of the controversy through Trisha over at Mom Dot. Her original post “Charging for a CHANCE to go to a conference? Huh? has garnered substantial comments, most of which express outrage at the circumstances.  The issue that has developed is controversy concerning a $5.00 non-refundable “application fee” to be “considered” to be among the chosen few to attend this Summit.  I continue to call it a summit, while the hostesses are calling it a “school.” Schools offer degrees.  With a Graduation Exercise. Pomp and Circumstance is usually played as the graduates march in to accept their diplomas.

While I believe that on it’s merits, most conferences or summits that bring together bloggers to share and exchange ideas is a “good thing” as Martha Stewart would say – first charging the sum of $5.00 before you can even access the application is, in my mind, fleecing taking advantage of those who probably aren’t earning a penny yet if they try to monetize their blog.

The goal of my blog is to try to point moms who want to be WAHMs or bloggers in the right direction – and this, clearly is NOT the right direction. It’s a new tactic, on uncharted ground. It is not a common practice of blogging conferences or events, by any means.

Furthermore, any event planner worth their salt would have all their ducks in a row before having a website go public.  The site (as of the date of this post) doesn’t even have a roster of who the “experts in their fields” are who will be speaking.  Really.  Not.Too.Savvy.

Moreover, as for the claim that they are seeking sponsorships for ALL the attendees – For Real? Is their target market newbie bloggers? Mid-level bloggers? It’s difficult enough for established bloggers to get ONE partial or full sponsorship to events such as BlogHer or Type-A Mom Conference. I really have my reservations that they’ll be able to get company(s) to pay for sponsorships for ALL their attendees. Don’t buy into this hype!

I’ve already taken some flack for my position on Twitter, but I’m standing by it. Let the chips fall where they may. I have my standards.

Lori from A Cowboy’s Wife further posits her thoughts on the matter on her post – “$5 for Consideration, Paying for others if Denied” .  I’m sure other bloggers, mommy or not, will be speaking up regarding the non-savvyness of what I have dubbed #Ticketmastergate.

Am I serious about my blog? You Betcha. I spend approximately 6 hours per night on it, after working a full-time job during the day, along with other family responsibilities.

And for the record, I have never attended a blogging event … yet.

Your thoughts on this matter?

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Definition Source: Webster’s Online Dictionary

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  1. This is once again one of the circumstances where far too many people become gullible that think that “Learning” this way will make them money. It doesn’t work that way. The online community and blogging is more than all of these conferences that continue to pop up. By far, there are too many and it’s turning into a money making scheme. I have alot of thoughts about this but my mind is scattered wondering how many people have already submitted that 5 dollars that will not be attending something. Wow.

    • Exactly Jenna. Nobody knows the numbers, and it really is mind bloggling the possibility of collecting those sums. Everybody and their keeper thinks that they can rent a facility and start a conference. Geez, we have Mystic and the casinos here in CT – prime tourist spots! Let me think about this …ya, right.

  2. I’ve been to several conferences. I’ve never been charge for the privilege of applying. Heck, I’ve never had to apply. And have you seen the list of classes. Any one of us whose been around the block (which is anybody who has been blogging any amount of time) could teach what I’ve see so far.

  3. Thanks for weighing in Cindi! The weirdest part about this is I started out w/ a chip on my shoulder regarding the $5, but found I was more irritated at some of the responses (ie damage control) were gave in defense by that crew… If i hadn’t already been turned off, I now would have been running in the other direction.

    For someone like me who doesn’t even know who these bloggers are, its pretty big words to put out there that their meeting is less to do w/ blogging buddies than professionals. Way to insult the entire blogosphere in one #fail swoop.

    .-= Look at what trisha @ MomDot hopes you’ll read: …Charging for a CHANCE to go to a conference? Huh? =-.

    • Yes, Trisha, I totally noticed that there has been backpedaling and running around the blogosphere doing damage control. However, as an experiment today, I was on Twitter submitting some #savvyblogging posts and got my head chewed off by some tweeps I didn’t even know. What’s unsettling was I didn’t know the food-chain relationship, so had no clue who was tweeting to me.

      Not having been to a blogging conference before, (yet I do read the follow-up posts and #hashtags of familiar conferences) I am off-put by the “blogging buddies” statement too. Panels – such as A Cowboys Wife; you, Kelby, JessicaKnows, Allie – all extremely knowledgeable ladies. Who know eachother from online and conference attendance. So that makes them “blogging buddies”? I think not. Each of you have your own followings, and meet up at these conferences for a meeting of the minds. “Buddies” to me, implies a “blood sisterhood.”

      These ladies need to clear their heads.

  4. I’ve never been to any of the conferences that have been going on over the years, mainly due to lack of funds for traveling and taking time off work, or just not knowing about them. But I would never attend a blogging conference that I had to apply for and pay an application type fee. If I can’t go just because I can go, then I’m not going.

    I don’t know who these Savvy Bloggers are but I think it’s rude and disrespectful of a group of bloggers to take advantage of newbie bloggers this way. Either make it a first come first serve of buying the tickets or make it invite only. Don’t steal money from bloggers.
    .-= Look at what Shawn Ann @ Shawn Ann’s World hopes you’ll read: …Business Etiquette by Ann Marie Sabath Review & Giveaway =-.

  5. Well, I don’t go to blogging conferences because I’m not a “serious blogger.” It’s more of a fun hobby for me. But with that said, I’ve been blogging for awhile and try to keep up with what’s going on in the blogging community. I think this application fee seems very strange and almost “scamish” to me. I feel bad for all of the bloggers who will pay it and get absolutely nothing in return. I’m curious as to where (or to who) this money is all going. $5 can add up pretty quickly into a large amount, kwim?
    .-= Look at what hairstyles for girls hopes you’ll read: …Sidewinders Winners Announcement =-.

  6. I think everyone has some valid questions/concerns and I’m happy to see people being made aware of it. I agree with Trisha…they are super defensive which only makes them look worse and unprofessional. Luckily, i think most people are seeing that for themselves though so it pretty much doesn’t need any pointing out.
    .-= Look at what Lori hopes you’ll read: …$5 for Consideration, Paying for Others if Denied =-.

    • Yes Lori, what bothers me is that there is such a delay from the time both you and Trisha posted, and there hasn’t been and “official” response, which as any good Press Secretary would do – would get right on it.

      I’m getting tremendous flack from the loyal followers though. Accusing me of spamming “their” hashtag. Heck, I’ve used the hashtag to give and gain advice myself before. My post is getting Retweeted – what can I say?

  7. Great points. I’ve said so much in comments on the other two posts I saw about this, but I do agree that the “blogging buddies” comment really stuck with me. It is hard enough for women who blog to be taken seriously (see my post about the NYT article). It’s bad enough when men act like blogging women are silly or trite… but to have a fellow woman blogger say that… well, it is just not a good characterization. Social media is social+media. That means being a good “buddy” is part of being in social media. It is personal and professional at once. This is part of the reason some companies struggle with it.

    I just know I have quite a few blogging buddies who are brilliant professionals.
    .-= Look at what Kelby hopes you’ll read: …Newspaper Bias Against Mom Bloggers =-.

    • Thanks for commenting Kelby ~

      I did see your thoughts on the NYT article.

      To me, the term “Blogging Buddies” connotes many definitions ~ I choose to use it in a positive manner – whether as a collaborative meaning to put our collective thoughts together for the betterment of the profession – i.e., bouncing ideas off of one another, or having a buddy as mentor when one needs to seek advice. I need mentors, and hope to be a mentor to others.

    • I personally was the one who made the blogging buddies comment, and I meant no offense by it. It was statement made by me and not the rest of the Savvy Blogging team. I do apologize for it, and please know that I have the utmost respect for those that run conferencces. If you feel I have wronged you, then I would be glad to talk with you publicly or privately. I am open and willing to have a respectful conversation about my comment.

  8. As you saw from my post on the topic, I have some of the same questions but disagree on other points. One thing I do feel compelled to mention is that when I attended Blissdom, I bought the ticket without any information on speakers or topics. It’s the only conference I’ve attended, but I don’t think it’s that unusual.
    .-= Look at what Cheryl@SomewhatCrunchy hopes you’ll read: …Day 24 : Composting =-.

    • Hi Cheryl ~

      Yes, we do share some of the same concerns. As you can see from my post, I did mention that I have yet to attend a conference. I planned on going to BlogHer in NYC since it’s so close by, however a family obligation takes priority.

      I know that Type-A Mom always has a roster posted; and that BlogHer invites those interested in attending to share with them what topics they would like to see covered.

      The lack of organization here, as well as delayed response to questions posed by bloggers other than myself, is reason enough to wonder what exactly is going on here.

      I have admitted I follow the hashtag, and have given and received advice. Since this conference is their first, like a new mom, mistakes are made in the beginning with your first-born that you don’t make with your second, or third.

  9. Hi Cindy! Wow! You’re ahead of me in SITS roll call! I love it cause I visit you quite a bit and read, read, read!!! Have a blessed day!

  10. Love this post. I have been observing both sides of the conversation for a while now but have all the same thoughts as you. I would never pay to apply anywhere. I think the ‘school’ argument is absolutely ridiculous. For both of my degrees I made the colleges wave my application fees. My tuition money would have gladly went somewhere else where I am valued. I’m not going to change that thinking now, especially for something that is not accredited, but merely basically a high priced think tank. Yes, some of the knowledge shared there may be valuable, I am not saying it will be completely worthless, but to me it would be like paying a store a application fee to hope to shop there. I am going to be spending money with you to begin with, shouldn’t you be doing more to prove you want my business?
    .-= Look at what Erin Pyle hopes you’ll read: …Mailbox Monday 3.29.10 =-.

  11. Very nicely put Cindi – I applaud you for speaking your mind and standing your ground, yet in a very polite way. Kudos!
    .-= Look at what Denise hopes you’ll read: …Fab List of Maternity Project Tutorials =-.

  12. I will probably never attend a bloggy event (unless I am invited to it and am sponsored). I just don’t really care to go to any. I am a serious blogger, but from the comfort of my own home. I like to be home with my kids, so no travels without them by my side. Great points Cindi!
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