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Bondum french coffee press

Bodum French Press Coffee Maker Review | How to Use a French Press | Brazil French Press


If you crave a cup of coffee brewing in order to hit the ground running in the morning, treat yourself to a latte style with foam made with a Bodum French Press coffee brewer.

At home I used a single cup coffee brewer with pod cups. Recently I changed jobs. At my former office we had a lunch room and a coffee club. We could buy a cup of coffee from the single cup coffee brewer that uses pods or cups, and had a selection of cups with assorted coffee flavors.

At my new job, if I wanted a cup of coffee I had to go out to the lunch truck on the street, as there wasn’t a shared coffee club. It takes a Committee to organize a club, with requisitioning supplies and doing the accounting. Most offices do, however, have a microwave. But I did notice that my co-workers were making coffee with a French Press right in their office cubicles.

Bring in your own coffee, creamer, sugar or Splenda – add some microwaved water or filtered water and presto – instant coffee!

If you crave a latte, I’ve discovered that the Bodum Brazil is the best way to make coffee, whether you’re on the job in an office, work at home, or just want to relax at home!  I can use my favorite flavored ground roast coffee beans and all that frothy foam at the top makes my coffee taste so rich!

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Brew an excellent cup of coffee in a green way: just hot water and ground coffee is all  that’s needed. And that’s all that coffee lovers are left with, too ­ no waste, just taste.

BODUM is a family owned company, founded in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Peter Bodum and continues to broaden its collection of beautifully designed everyday life products.

I tried out the 3 cup (12 oz.) BRAZIL French Press coffee maker using a course ground coffee,  filtered water and a timer.

How To French Press Instructions

Here’s some tips on how to brew a good cup of coffee:


Dishwasher Safe, Available in Black, Red and Lime Green

BODUM also offers tea brewers, travel presses and tumblers, expresso machines, coffee grinders, milk frothers, coffee beans and carafes.

Do you know someone who’s a coffee fanatic? This would make an excellent gift for mom, dad, grandmom, sister or your favorite cubicle dweller!

For More Information Visit: Bodum

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  1. Never heard of this, sounds like something I would test out for sure! Thank you for sharing the information!

  2. Wow this Bodum French Press Coffee Maker is awesome,its easy to use and looks fabulous too.Now i really to have one for me,thank you for you great review.

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