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Camping Tips | Other Frustrations


Friday Frustrations

Welcome to another edition of Friday Frustrations Meme!

This is where you’ll find my end-of-the-week Rants, always a favorite!

From the Never-Too-Old-To-Learn Department:

The continuing saga of merging my 3 blogs has me learning the ropes of CSS style sheets and all that.  I’ve been going back and forth trying to decide whether to add a Baby Boomer section, or just leave all my general stuff under Veranda Chit Chat.

Actually, I’m quite proud of the fact that I coded numbered comments into my style sheet all by myself.  @Mamikaze on Twitter made the suggestion! Thanks! I feel like a Baby Boomer Tech Genius now! :-)

Contests and Giveaway Woes

I’ve been running a little behind in getting all my contests and giveaways up and running.

What’s perplexing is the fact that many of the people who are entering are Just.Not.Reading.THE RULES

You’ve heard of Cider House Rules; Well, these here are Moomette’s Rules and I rule the roost.

So, if you don’t read The Rules, you are disqualified.  Sez so right In Bold.  I’m instituting a Zero Tolerance Policy, because I just don’t have the time to police comments.  :pissedoff:

I belong to many (OK, Lots) of ning sites and social networking forums, and it seems to be the general consensus that it’s happening to many bloggers who are offering Giveaways.  Seems to be the Sweepers who just enter and run.

Moving On…

Sometimes I feel a little comment starved – don’t we all at times? So to remedy that feeling, I just joined this cool site called The Secret Is In The Sauce, (SITS) and hope to garner a little comment recognition and support.

I know it’s hard to manage your time and comment on all the blogs out there – between doing administrative work, writing posts,Twittering, guest posting and I could go on ad nauseum, but really, as I saw on a Tweet and I can’t give the person credit because I don’t remember who it was it passed so quickly in my tweet stream, but it was something like:

Comments are like tips, if you like the post, leave one!

Regarding Twitter:

I just can’t understand all the tweeps who are tweeting about “get more followers.” Must be some sort of affiliate thing, or you buy your followers, or whatever.  Not that I care, I vet all my followers and while I welcome (most) everyone, it’s hard to have social conversations with what, 10K people? Really.

Wrapping it all up…

Hard to believe that next weekend is the camping trip is coming up soon and we actually use.a.tent – which means I’ll have to get on The Hubster’s case gently remind my husband that we need to air the thing out and find the air mattress that DD26 and charming-son-in-law gave me at Christmas so this princess won’t feel like I’m sleeping with rocks a pea under my sleeping bag.  Camping, moi– can you believe it?

So, any frustrations you’d like to air share with me?

Until next Friday …
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  1. I love the Comments quote and I so agree. When I write a post that gets little or no comments, I always feel a little rejected.

    I don’t do a lot of Giveaways but the few that I’ve done, I can totally say that the majority don’t read the rules. It is quite frustrating.

    Thanks for participating in my meme.

  2. I totally know how you feel about comments. I was getting lots then suddenly (poof!) nobody is reading my blog anymore, or maybe they are and don’t like me, or maybe they like me but don’t like my writing, or maybe… see what I mean it’s unholy to feel this way and go on for hours lol.

    So to make both you and I feel better I’m speaking my mind and want to say I love your blog and your FF blog post. It is great and I look forward to reading more of you.

    Take care!
    .-= JP Shaw @ Rants n’ Rascals´s last blog ..friday frustrations: mental depression cracks me up =-.

  3. I recently wrote a post about tips to entering blog giveaways. It was a gentle reminder to follow da rules! I may end up writing one that is more to the point.

    Camping to me is going to a hotel that doesn’t have a restaurant! I hope you enjoy your trip :)
    .-= ConnieFoggles´s last blog ..Winning Streak =-.

  4. I’m so impressed! I’ve only gone on one tent camping trip and my sweet hubby and the kids slept in the tent and I crashed in the van :) To me, roughing it is a 1 star hotel! :) :) :)
    .-= Kaye – SandwichINK´s last blog ..16 Newspaper, Radio, and TV Sites for the Sandwich Generation =-.

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