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Spring Break Dispatches from the Texting Tropical Little Mermaid


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Welcome to the new Vicarious Traveler Meme! Share your favorite travel destinations with all of us to see! Whether you’re a seasoned world traveler, or simply an arm-chair traveler, give us your recommendations!

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Since I never got to go away on Spring Break or a Road Trip when I was younger, I’ve started the Vicarious Traveler, and hope you’ll join me in participating each week!

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Last week, I wrote that I was feeling sorry for myself as my youngest daughter was away on a cruise to the Caribbean for Spring Break. She’ll be graduating college in May, and was taking that annual pilgrimage that so many young people do ~ the Mother of All Road Trips.

Here are the dispatches from the Little Mermaid sent via Text Messages shared by DD22 to dear old mom left in Connecticut who was freezing her buns off:

Dispatches from the Texting Tropical Mermaid

San Juan ~ Sunday

Room’s a good size and dinner was great … prime rib … haha I tried sending a pic txt but it won’t work

Hey … We’re in the middle of the ocean like 90 degrees sun’s amazing

Aruba ~ Monday

Hey we’re in Aruba … Amazing haha It’s been abnormally warm here like 90ish again Love it

Hey It’s so hot here … Got u a cute magnet … the beach was awesome How’s CT haha

Aruba is gorgeous … I got coral from the ocean haha sand crabs and lizard things everywhere

Curacao ~ Wednesday

Hey Curacao reminds me of NJ LOL It’s got the plant towers and power plant thingys everywhere

We’re goin on a tour of Curaco to the beaches Sooo hot here whoa Got a disposable cam …Saw purses but not ur brand

This is a topless beach Boobies everywhere hahaha

The tropical fish swim with you at the beach

You are taking a vacation thru text

Gorgeous skies, took pics

At Sea ~ Thursday

9 foot seas and 10 mph winds Crazzzy ride today but it’s nice and warm

St. Maarten ~ Friday
St. Thomas ~ Saturday

We’re at a full nudy beach French people are very exposed

They don’t have your brand bags They have Chanel Gucci Guess Prada DG and Coach and some bracelets

I’ll look for a nice Gucci or Prada They’re small like you want

San Juan ~ Sunday

I feel like I’m still on the boat I’m rocking like crazy even tho I’m on land It’s a weird feeling

I’m on the plane It’s a beast Lots of room tho So see you guys tonite

I was lucky to get a phone call too from some restaurant she was in, steel drums & all, just for effect!

Stop by next Thursday for the next adventure!

See what my friend Jennifer has to say about texting with your kids!

Text Messaging With Your Teens

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  1. Good morning! Happy Thursday! I put my post up and linked here! Cool meme – even though I don’t travel much! Have a good day!

  2. It is a great meme! Unfortunately, because we are traveling the world and educating our child as we go, I don’t have that much time to play, but I added my latest post about how to be a world traveling family. Hope that helps!

    Looks like your daughter is having a ball! Arm chair travel IS the next best thing to being there!

  3. Cruising is our passion! Some of those ports we’ve never been to, they look beautiful. I’d especially love to visit Aruba.

  4. Connect with your Teens

    That’s the great thing about texting, you heard from her probably more than you would have if she only had the ability to call. I’d rather get a text a day than only a call once a week. Preferably I get both.

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