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Kids Holiday Cookie Party

The holidays are upon us and we're busy with everything from decorating the house to wrapping presents. The kitchen plays a big role during this time, and depending on your kids' cooking skills they can play the lead or be part of the supporting cast. One fun way for your kids to get involved in the kitchen now is to have a Kids’ Cookie Exchange Party.

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Creating Holiday Memories | A Fancy Holiday Dinner Party | For Kids

Some folks just have the most creative ideas! Peg, over at SMARTMOMS~SMARTBUSINESS, is an authority on Cooking with Kids. We’ve always dined out with our two DDs when they were growing up ~ so they were pretty much attuned to what was expected when we went out. Moomette’s mom though, …

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Chocolate Cherry Nut Cake Recipe | Create Memories Through Party Foods

Easy Cake Mix Desserts Wow~It’s December already! That means all the Holiday Party Invitations and Save the Dates should either be in the mail by now, or at least be written! For me, one of the best ways to savor the Holidays and create Traditions is through taste and smell. …

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Christmas Tradition | 10 Tips for Your Family This Year

Christmas Tradition is one of those bedrock moments that create family memories. In this fast paced world and with families living so far apart it is hard to keep family Christmas traditions alive. Don’t let that stop you from cultivating really meaningful traditions that transcend time and locations. I will give you some great and easy tips that will make your family smile for years to come.

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Tips For Making Memories of Thanksgiving Cooking Traditions Past and Future

Thanksgiving can be a little stressful when you have company coming and you have to cook the whole meal. Sure the company is bringing a pie and will help with the dishes and clean up, but you've got a whole lot of work ahead of you when you wake up on that special Thursday morning. Don't despair and stress - rally the troops!

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