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Potty Tots Potty Training Program Review

By encouraging potty training independence, children build confidence and self esteem. The interactive program features the adorable Potty Tots that sing and dance to teach the six steps of potty training.

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BonBon Cupcakes Microfiber Ruffle Leggings Review

BonBon Cupcakes micorfiber ruffled footless leggings tights are just way too cute for any time of the year. They're adorned with a ruffled ribbon and come in endless styles and colors and are packaged to look just like a cupcake!

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Beginning Blogging Techniques: The 411 – Guest Post

Today's WAHM Guest Blogger on Moomettesgram's Musings will be discussing how she got her start doing blog reviews, as well as her inauguration into the social networking world as a Mommy Blogger. You can find more of her insightful posts and reviews at Blog Reviews by Joy as well as fitness and health topics at Be the Weight You Want.

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Carpool Karma CD – Make Carpool Time Your Time Review

The new Carpool Karma CD was developed by two moms who shared a passion for physical fitness and whole-body wellness. Make carpool time your time and optimizes your time in the car.

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Entrecard Terms: My Blog – My Terms

I will not be accepting paid Entrecard ads and have set my advert settings to "Reject." Please be assured that if you EC drop on any of my blogs and decide to advertise, that I want your ad to show up 100 percent of the time.

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