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New England Foodies Rave over Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce ~ A Review`

Now that summer is in full swing, that means plenty of entertaining opportunities! Whether you’re the hostess, or a guest ~ there’s bound to be lots of cooking going on in the kitchen or on the grill! When one thinks of New England, the images of chowder and lobster may …

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Think Posh ~ Fashionable ~ Elegant ~ Polished ~ Are You a Posh Mama Yet? I Am!

Posh is an adjective, with a dictionary meaning of “smart or fashionable[1]“, “elegant, stylishly luxurious[2]“, “spruced up, smart or polished[3]“. Are You a Posh Mama? I am! Come see what everyone’s talking about! …Posh Mama is an upbeat community exclusive to women around the world from all walks of …

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Financial Troubles In Today’s Economy? Do You Ever Ask Yourself How Did You Get Yourself Into That Mess?

Does it ever seem to you that when it rains, it pours?  This seems especially true when it comes to automobile expenses. As a typical American multi-car family, we have our share of auto woes.  My youngest college-age daughter puts on more miles and wear and tear on her car …

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Time to Start Thinking Where Do You Want to Go on Ski Holidays or Vacations?

You can tell it’s summer here in New England! There’s the sound of air conditioners running all over town. I haven’t seen my next door neighbors in ages ~ everyone is all cooped up inside, instead of sitting out on their decks! What would be nice about now is to …

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Zenni Optical’s $8 Rx Glasses are Great Deals

This weekend we’re going to be helping Charming Son-in-Law’s mom celebrate her 50th birthday. It’s going to be so much fun! Yes, turning 50 is a milestone. This Baby Boomer still thinks like a 30-year old, but parts of me are telling me I’m hallucinating. Take for example my eyes. …

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