Friday , August 23 2019
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Want Website Traffic? Start A Free Blog! Tips for Promoting your eBiz through Internet Marketing

In an earlier post, I spoke of how I recommended to a fellow forum member the benefits of how I started several blogs to promote my Shoppes site, eBay store and affiliates. Here’s additional tips to support that suggestion. Want Website Traffic? Start A Free Blog! Blogging has become increasingly …

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When Traveling Think Green & Be Eco-Concious this Summer ~Rent a Car from Advantage

I was tagged for a Meme earlier this week. In my full disclosure, I mentioned that I’ve lived in the same town virtually my entire life! Such is not the case for my brother. Once he left for college out of state many moons ago, he never returned (to live …

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Join the 5th Annual Mommyfest Blog Party ~ Meet other Moms Like You ~ May 12-16

I’ve joined a Blog Party to try to meet other Moms and Grams like me! Blog Fests and parties are a great way to see what’s going on and get to visit some new Bloggers. Many of the Mommy Bloggers are sponsoring Contests and Give Aways. Here’s a chance to …

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Favorite RenuzitTriScentsHomeMakeover SemiFinalists ~ Vote for Your Favorites and help Someone Win a Home Makeover!

Wherever you get your news, it seems that the topic is the economy and current status of the fluctuating real estate market. Many young couples with small families just starting out have lost jobs, but are still trying to purchase homes, while Baby Boomers like myself are trying to downsize …

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I’ve been Tagged! How to Meet New Friends and Get Aquainted with other Bloggers!

I’ve been Tagged with a Meme by Kim, over at Accidental Mommies and What’s That Smell ! Kim is my new friend, and comments on my Mama Mentor Blog that she thinks she and I may be twins! I’ve often felt that way when I see other writers. I actually …

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