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DIY Chalk Recipe Outdoor Craft Activities for Kids

Sidewalk Chalk

Start planning ahead for that nice Spring weather that's on its way and 'chalk' this great recipe craft project up as a keeper!

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WAHM eBiz Tip # 1 ~Giving Your Home Based Business a Boost with Blogging

So many things to do! Sometimes don’t you feel like you don’t know what to do first? I have a list that I’ve put together of all the suggested things I should be doing to in order to get all my ebiz’s up & running smoothly. But my plate is …

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CAFE MOMS: Join this Great Group for WAHMs & SAHMs for Networking & Friendship

Check out the great group at CAFE MOM! This is a super social community for peer support for any moms or WAHMs to network, or any SAHMs looking to make new friendships & share similar ideas. You can find Moms by geographical locations, or similar interests.

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Recycle and Think Green: Everyday Items Can be Reusable

As the world aspires to become more "green", my own household has jumped on the bandwagon. We recycle newspapers, shredded paper, plastic bottles and jugs, etc. Everything we can recycle we do recycle. Many of the items that are used in our homes every day can be recycled.

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Achieve Your College Degree through Accredited Online Distance Learning Courses

I'd like to share my enthusiasm for online education and hope to inspire other women to complete their college degrees.

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