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Benefits of Exercise Workout to Slow Down the Aging Process

Woman Exercise

One matter everybody shares is that everybody grows older. There's no way to avoid it despite present-day technology; our bodies are going to age. Of course, the bulk of folks would rather decelerate the process. Who wouldn't want some secrets to look younger than their age? So let's look into lifestyle choices, specifically exercise and anti-aging tips.

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Fitness Products from Reebok and Sportline – Holiday Gifts

Reebok InShape Fitness Watch

Is there a fitness buff in your family? We all know about the benefits of walking and exercise. This Holiday Season, check out some of the new products from Reebok and Sportline to put in their Christmas stockings!

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Survival Guide 102 In Connecticut Irene Was A Dress Rehersal For Alfred Day 5

We are now into Day 5 without electricity in parts of Connecticut thanks to Winter Storm Alfred that struck right before Halloween.

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Camping Inside My House Connecticut Storm Alfred No Power Day 4

Mother Nature played a cruel Trick in Connecticut this October 2011, right on the heels if Tropical Storm Irene in August. We are now on day 4 of no power and Halloween was cancelled in my town because of dangerous conditions.

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Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Are Back!

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Honey

After 15 years, Pine Bros. are reintroducing their classic throat drops. No other throat drop is “softish” and their drops are completely delicious!

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