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Do we really want to be available for everyone and anyone on a 24/7 basis? Today we live in a modern society and with the proliferation of cell phones we see people talking anywhere and everywhere.

Cell Phones and the WAHM


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As moms and grandmoms, we change hats quite frequently, depending upon “who’s calling us.” And I don’t necessarily mean on the phone.  It’s either the kids, pets, husband, significant other – always somebody wanting our attention.

Cell phones, however, have become a way of life for most of us.

Do we really want to be available for everyone and anyone on a 24/7 basis?  What do I mean?  A famous person once said that the more available you make yourself; the more available everyone will expect you to be. People will actually be annoyed if you aren’t constantly and instantly available at all times.  People expecting you to be available all the time may be annoying.  Cell phone calls follow you everywhere you are including your bathroom.  Even during the evening when you’d like to decompress and relax at day’s end, cell phones may continue to ring and annoy you.  If it’s important – not a problem, however if it’s very menial, why must you be bothered so late in the evening?

Today we live in a modern society and with the proliferation of cell phones we see people talking anywhere and everywhere.  Smart phones are essential if you run a work-at-home mom business, and this may actually prove to be very effective if you’re running in and out of the house during the day.  It’s great to be able to keep in touch with not only the kids and family, but your business associates  when you need to.

Cell phones have become a necessity nowadays, that’s why most people use them. My youngest daughter and I share a “family-plan” on the Verizon network. She has a new Blackberry that she recently upgraded to, and I’ll be getting one on my next upgrade “New Every Two” plan. Cell phone manufacturers have continuously developed different usage and functions for this very small gadget – alarms and calendars help us to effectively manage our time.

Follow certain degrees of cell phone etiquette though; and this tool will be very helpful to you, your family and work-at-home mom business.

Verizon and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this post, and they asked me to talk about the ways my smart phone affects my life as a parent.


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  1. I’m a big phone screener. Mostly because I find it easier to return client phone calls from a message so I can decipher exactly what they are looking for.

    I work hard at teaching the kids that they don’t have to answer the phone or return text messages immediately. That it is rude to do so when you are with others.

    Easier said than done when I can’t live without my phone either. lol
    .-= Look at what Val hopes you’ll read: …Picking One Thing =-.

  2. I’m a big phone screener too. I figure, if it’s that important, the person can leave a message. Plus, it helps me set some boundaries. Especially with people who call a little too much.
    .-= Look at what Sarah hopes you’ll read: …A love story – a girl and a dress =-.

  3. Hi Val ~ I do tend to screen calls also, but find that it’s friends & family who tend to get miffed when they know I’m screening!

  4. Hi Sarah – I also screen, but found that friends & family don’t leave messages – they just figure you’ll see it on ‘missed call’ and call back.

  5. Oh I can understand that. My friends and family are over that I’ve done it for so long now. It took my Dad at least 5 years to stop talking to my voicemail like I could hear it while he was talking. LOL
    .-= Look at what Val hopes you’ll read: …Picking One Thing =-.

  6. Val, that’s too funny. I hear you! When my grandmom was in her 90s she would seriously leave 10 minute messages on my voice mail! And she’d ask questions and expect me to answer! I miss her calls!

  7. Val – I hear ya on the talking like I could hear it thing! With my family, most of them leave messages, because over time I’ve told them it’s the best way to ensure I call them back. With my friends, we’ve adopted some weird communication methods: if it’s really important, send a text; if we just want to chat, call; if you need something, but not right away, leave a voicemail. Haha. Is that weird?
    .-= Look at what Sarah hopes you’ll read: …A love story – a girl and a dress =-.

  8. I completely agree, having a cell phone, when used properly can be a HUGE benefit for the work at home mom or grandparents! I hadn’t had a “real” cell phone in a long time but recently got my Blackberry Curve for free and have the Verizon Wireless plan as well! My daughter wants a cell but she’s only 7 so that will wait for a few years ;-) I think the Blackberry is wonderful as it allows me to stay connect for business reasons while still enjoying time as a “mom”

  9. Cell phones like any other technology are a bitter sweet thing. They make our lives more complicated, but also can make many things easier. I for one am happy I don’t have to go around carrying a day planner anymore and just have everything on my phone. I like to think it gives me more time to spend with my family.

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