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Why is it important you may ask? The number of U.S. Representatives sent to Washington from your state to speak on your behalf is determined by the population of your state.

Census 2010: Snapshot of America – Make Your Voice Heard


As a U.S. citizen, I’ve dutifully filled out Census forms every 10 years.

Why is it important you may ask?  Your state receives funding from the Federal Government based upon the population living in your state.  The number of U.S. Representatives sent to Washington from your state to speak on your behalf is determined by the population of your state.

Winter will soon be a memory and family thoughts will turn to spring break and anticipation of summer  vacations. The fact of the matter is fewer Americans than ever before will not be able to take a vacation this year. The number of people finding  themselves taking staycations at home, or not being able to visit with out-of-state family during vacation times and holidays has been trending upward for years now.

House prices continue to fall, fuel and food prices continue to increase and home foreclosures are soaring. The dollar is in a free-fall – Americans lose jobs to overseas markets.

When your rent and utilities are past due and you, your children or your aging parents are hungry and you feel helpless thinking there’s little you can do about it –  you are in a depression. The dirty little secret that no one wants to address is – when some are in a  recession – many are of necessity in a depression

The elderly among us have had to choose between medicine and food; having to pay a portion of their utilities one month while paying their rent the following month.  Children must eat two meals a day at school or go hungry.

A  recession by any definition remains untoward struggle and pain.

Make your voice heard.  Fill out, complete and return the Census Form.


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  1. There is hope for the future. In the meantime check out for no-questions-asked-food to get you past the rough spots.
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  2. I have filled out my census forms and have them sitting right here. It is going in the mail tomorrow. I am feeling the recession first hand with recently becoming unemployed.
    .-= Look at what Jessica @Riding with Jessica hopes you’ll read: …My Weight Issues, Not Yours =-.

    • Hi Jessica ~ it’s unfortunate how the recession is hitting everyone hard. Sorry to hear of your job loss. It must be a tremendous feeling for your family. My husband’s self-employed and business has been down for at least 2 years now. Everyone he talks to is in the same situation. I’ll be filling mine out this weekend so I won’t lose it!

  3. It’s important to fill it out. I just did mine!

  4. I am doing ours tomorrow and in the mail they go!
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  5. The census is important for so many reasons and the distribution of funds is one the main one. Let’s not forget that our governmental representation is based on how many people live in counties, towns and cities.
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    • Yes Connie – this is my DD27’s first time participating in the census for her own family. My husband and I were giving her a civics reminder that Connecticut is in danger of losing a U.S. Representative in Washington because our state is losing residents and brain drain to warmer climates.

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