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The new 2011 Chevy Malibu is equipped with the Bluetooth technology hands-free calling feature! As a Baby Boomer grandmom, I like to consider myself with-it, and try to keep up with technology and try to be one-step ahead of the curve.

Chevy Malibu Bluetooth Hands Free Calling for the Ultimate Multitasker!


Girlfriend Getaway

Today has been one week since I started to drive the  new 2011Chevy Malibu as part of the CT Girlfriend Getaway Program.  It’s amazing how every year the new car models seem to add and improve features.

The Connecticut Legislature recently enacted laws against drivers using cell phones to emphasize the dangers of texting while driving. Although I have a headset, I never have felt comfortable using it. If you’re caught talking or driving on your phone, a violation of the law is punishable by a whopping fine of up to $100, but could be suspended if you present proof of having acquired a hands-free accessory for the phone before any such fine is imposed.

CT Chevy Girlfriend Getaway

If you’re a mom or grandmom like me, we all know the feeling we get in our  tummys when our cell phone rings when you’re not expecting it. And aren’t all moms and grandmoms always “on call”? You’ll be out and about town doing your errands, singing out along with whatever favorite tunes are playing on the CD or radio, and whammo – you need to make a decision.

  • Do you risk breaking the law and answer the phone because it just might be a call where your family needs to get in touch with you LIKE RIGHT NOW?
  • Do you pull over to the side of the road and take the call?  By the time you find a safe spot to pull over, you’ve probably missed the call.

Well now my dilemma has been solved.

The new 2011 Chevy Malibu LTZ is equipped with the Bluetooth technology hands-free calling feature!

As a Baby Boomer grandmom, I like to consider myself with-it, and try to keep up with technology and try to be one-step ahead of the curve with my 20-something year old daughters and charming son-in-law.

I do realize though that many Baby Boomers and senior citizens don’t grasp the concept of what exactly bluetooth and hands-free calling is.

What is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth technology is a voice-activated, hands-free, in-car method of communication.  When Bluetooth is enabled for cell phones, it allows mobile users to connect to their hands free headset without using wires.  Bluetooth technology also allows mobile phone users to connect with their hands free kit as well.

As a solution to wireless, Bluetooth eliminates the need for messy cords, keeping everything nice and neat. It’s perfect for those who like to talk on cell phones, as you no longer need to hold the phone next to your ear – which is great for those who travel often.

On the Chevy Malibu, I don’t even need to wear a headset!  Whenever I have an incoming cell phone call, the radio will mute, and I’ll hear a ring tone announcing I have a call.  All I simply have to do is push the button on the steering wheel, and take the call! 

This feature works out really well for me because as a blogger and mompreneur, I have to try to fit as much work into my day during daylight hours as I can!

There’s no need for me to be distracted nor take my hands off the wheel while driving!  Easy Peasy!

At the end of my conversation, I push the disconnect button!

Here’s a video example below.

If you haven’t yet experienced Bluetooth technology, here’s your chance!

Test Drive Promotion August 30-October 3, 2010:

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Here’s your chance to check out the New Chevy Malibu for yourself, but Getaway for some Me-Time too!  Bring your girlfriends, daughters, moms, aunts, and anyone who has a driver’s license along too!
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  1. That’s an extremely neat feature. People are going to talk on the phone while they drive, so making it safer to do so is a smart thing!
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  4. How cool is that? My husband has an older Malibu, which he loves, but I will certainly put this on his radar. Thanks!

  5. wow great feature and SAFE

  6. I have never tried a bluetooth but it sounds like it has great features and would be easy to use.

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