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Stay tuned for the Chili's “Shout Out to Eat” Contest, where contestants will be able to upload a 10-30 second video telling why they don’t want to cook tonight. A daily winner will be randomly selected and entered to win a gift card to Chili’s everyday.

Chili’s Grill and Bar: Shout Out to Eat Contest


Family Friendly Dining

Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant - Shout Out to Eat Contest

$9.99 Fresh Pairings

I’ve been cooking for the family for well over 35 years.  Although my husband is talented in many areas, preparing food is not one of them.

Now that my daughter is married, we alternate Sunday dinners at her home or mine.  Usually on Friday nights, the family likes to get together and dine out.

Chili's Grill and Bar Restaurant LogoChili’s Grill and Bar Restaurant has always been one of our favorite places to go, even before the grandkids came along.  While my youngest daughter was in college, she worked as a server at Chili’s.

I recently had the opportunity to try Chili’s new line of freshly prepared recipe items.

Since I’m on a mission to lose at least 10, 15, 25 pounds so I can fit in my new dress for an upcoming wedding in Boston this summer, I tried their new Asian Salad.

Chili's Asian Chicken Salad

The Asian Salad is prepared with Napa cabbage, crispy wontons, edamame, green onions, cilantro, sesame seeds, Asian vinaigrette and a creamy peanut drizzle, along with your choice of grilled chicken, salmon or steak.  I chose the chicken in my salad, and found the salad very tasty. I especially enjoyed the peanut drizzle, which gave it a subtle, yet unique taste.

The portion was generous, and I took what was leftover home in a container for the next day’s lunch.

Chili’s has a call-ahead policy which worked out great, as we brought the grandkids along, ages 2 and 3.   Since we try to dine out before the dinner rush crowd comes in, we were seated right away.  Chili’s provides a family atmosphere, and the kids were given crayons to draw with.  Everyone’s favorite are the nachos and sauce, which were promptly brought to the table along with our beverages.  Our server was attentive, and everything we ordered arrived as requested.

Enter for the Chili’s “Shout Out to Eat Out” Contest, where contestants will be able to upload a 10-30 second video telling why they don’t want to cook tonight.  A daily winner will be randomly selected and entered to win a gift card to Chili’s everyday.


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  1. What a great idea for a contest – we like Chili’s and Mommy does NOT cook so we go out a few times a week!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!
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  2. I had this for dinner just last night, it’s such a great deal for just $9.99.
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  3. I love the selection that Chili’s has! I will definitely be checking out that contest.

  4. I love chili’s and $9.99 is an awesome deal..thanks for sharing!

  5. I have not had Chili’s in years. I had no idea they had such a good deal going on. I am definitely going to enter the contest when it goes live. I need to win a break from cooking :)

  6. I’m trying to lose weight too, so it’s nice to know Chili’s has some healthy alternatives. I didn’t know that before. I’d love to win that contest!
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  7. Chili’s was the only place I wanted to eat while pregnant. The $9.99 deal is fantastic in this economy. Thanks for the heads up.
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  8. LOVE Chilli’s!! YUM!
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  9. That salad looks delicious!! I can’t wait for the contest to start looks like fun
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