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College Grads ~ Ready, Set, Shop for your Career Wardrobes ~ Decisions, Decisions ~ Have you heard of Infinity Shoes?



I was an Uptown Girl before there were Uptown Girls. When I was younger, I worked in the Insurance City in Hartford. My BFF from the office and I would take extended lunches, and cruise the best-high end department store in the city, all 11 floors of it on our lunch ‘hour.’ I was Imelda before she was known for her shoe fetish.

Shoes were my weakness. The shoe department was located on the second floor. I must have owned, oh, I can’t even remember, but a pair of shoes for every outfit! Well, that was a long time ago, and the department store has now closed.

But I still like shoes. And now, I can shop to my heart’s content at Infinity Shoes. They have shoes in every style imaginable for every age group! I used to have a pair of Frye Leather Boots to go with my mini-skirts (can you believe it?) Well, they even sell the Frye – I haven’t been able to find those in ages!

My DD, the college student, would probably love the Seychelles shoes for clubbing, or any upcoming weddings she’ll be attending this summer. She also will be interning this summer and for her career wardrobe would really be complete with the Tsubo shoes.

And Birkenstocks! The Flower Child in me still loves these comfortable favorites! With the right pair, I can even walk all over Boston or NYC for the day when I go on Road Trips! Besides my old favorites, they also carry Minnetonka Boots.

So if you want to beat the crowds and shop for affordable shoes on your lunch hour the easy way, bookmark this great site!

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