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Coming Around Again ~ Rediscovering My Baby Boomer Strengths


Many years ago, DH and I had the opportunity to see Carly Simon sing at ‘The Roof’ on Martha’s Vineyard. At the time, she owned the place out by the airport, and had her 2 young children there that night. I still get goose bumps remembering it, and have always been a fan of hers.

I’ve been doing quite a bit of inner reflection lately ~ so I’m coming around again. I’m discovering I like being a Boomer, and being able to say what I want to. We paved the way for our daughters. I’m so happy that they can be who they are today, because of what we pushed for. Happy Mother’s Day to our daughters and granddaughters. It’s our Boomer present to you ~ You Go Girl.

I’m still signing up trying to gain a little supplemental income by taking surveys. My opinions still matter. I will not give up in my attempts to retire. I’m a Boomer. We do not quit.

Strength In Numbers: Boomer Women
By Lauren Hobson

Yes, the Baby-Boomer generation has been influencing everything in our culture ever since someone first coined the phrase. From a marketing perspective, watching this generation get older has provided us with some fascinating information, including how powerful the “women-over-50” group has become.

Women in their 50s today are in their prime. They are healthier, wealthier, and carry more influence than any other generation of women in history. So from a marketing perspective, this is a very appealing demographic for many industries. These women have both money and the time to spend it!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Boomer Women will increase an amazing 52% in the workforce over the next few years. By 2010, there will be about 10.1 million women age 55 and older in the workforce, up from 6.4 million in 2000. Now that’s a lot of purchasing power!

So as you continue to market your products and services, make sure you are including Boomer Women in your target groups. They play a huge part in almost every big-ticket market (travel, real estate, financial services, technology, automobiles, home improvement, etc.), and will continue to do so for the next two decades. Boomer Women today are healthy and vital, and you can keep your business that way too by paying attention to this very strong, very large group of influential consumers.

Lauren Hobson is the Editor of Biz Talk Newsletter, a free monthly publication designed to provide small businesses and non-profits with tips and techniques to help them make the most of their web sites and marketing efforts without spending a lot of money. Biz Talk is published by Five Sparrows, LLC.

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