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Comment Luv

Want More Hits To Your Website ? CommentLuv Default Links


Not only does CommentLuv benefit you blog traffic generation when you leave comments on your friends’ blogs, Comment Luv will help to build relationships with new readers to discover bloggers who write about interests similar to their own interest.

Blog Traffic

If you comment frequently on your favorite blogs, you’ve probably seen the little hearts where you can link to your most recent post through CommentLuv.  Did you know that you’re able to set default links to Comment Luv so your favorite post won’t fall off the radar screen?

Traffic Generation

Awhile back as part of my blogging tips and techniques series, I wrote a post on the benefits of adding Comment Luv to your blog.  Or, perhaps, to discover new topics that they’d like to pursue further!

But there’s another benefit when you sign up for Comment Luv!  You now have the ability to make sure your favorite posts don’t fall off the timeline or radar screen.  You can purchase “credits” to ascertain that your favorite posts will always be available to leave as a link.
Comment Luv Default Links

You can purchase a default link to add to the list of returned posts that are sent back when you comment on a CommentLuv enabled site. It works out to one link = $4 USD. They are useful if you want to keep a particular post or page from your site available all the time when you comment.

You can use this page to add extra links using your own anchor text to the returned list of posts to choose from when you comment on CommentLuv enabled blogs. Ideal for keeping a favourite post or product page available on your last blog posts list.

You can only choose links that point to your existing registered URL’s (you can add more URLs at the additional URLs page)

One Default Link = 4 Credits, which you can purchase directly through Paypal.

I’ve set some of my favorite posts on each of my three blogs as default links, including links to my ongoing Giveaway Linky, along with:

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Caught! What To Do About Content Stealers

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If you aren’t familiar with Comment Luv, check it out.  If you are already signed up, then check out the Default Link capability!

Do you use Comment Luv?  Let me know what you think about it!

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  1. Gotta love Comment Luv!!

    Visiting from SITS :)
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  2. Thank you so much for sharing the Comment Luv information! Because of your post – I now have the little red hearts on my site, too. I am so excited that I shared the information in my blog, sending people back here to your site for the details.

  3. I didn’t know you could purchase links, heck, I can’t get it to report my last link correctly! I spent hours on their site today trying to figure it out. It’s so covered in advertising it’s hard to tell where I am on it. I’ll have to come back and reread your post and try to figure it out.

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  4. I love commentluv and just wrote a long piece on one of my sites about how it works and the benefits of using it, both for you and your readers; however, I didn’t know you could purchase links to have available. I did know if you register your blog through the commentluv site it will give you more than one post to choose from, but I can see how having specific posts available would be very handy. Thanks!
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  5. Great article Cindi, as you know I TOTALLY agree with everything you just said – posts that have great potential (either because ground breaking, or because they target competitive keywords that require a constant stream of new links going to them) are perfect candidates for the $4 additional links offered by Andy.

    Plus it is a great way to support the plugin AND promote you blog!
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  6. Thanks for the terrific CommentLuv tip.
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  7. I’m fairly new to comment luv, but I think it’s fantastic! We use it at MTH :)
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