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Coupon Organizer Binder for Extreme Shopping


I’ve found the most magnificent coupon binder to start organizing and tote my coupons around for weekly shopping trips. As a woman who wears many hats – Mom, Grandmom, Baby Boomer, Entrepreneur, Virtual Assistant, I like to consider myself an organized person. However, I’m most happy when someone else has already figured out a means to get there. Like, why should I reinvent the wheel? So now I’m going to let you in on my coupon binder organizer secret find.

The Coupon Binder Details:

In my couponing series, I’ve talked about how I had been a big fan of coupons since probably the early 1980s and had a suitcase coupon binder that I was quite satisfied with. Time got the better part of it.

This sturdy binder comes with lots of nooks and crannies! It has Pocket Partitions to mark for stores wherever you shop most often.

I like that this coupon organizer has an outside Velcro section and inside wall. You are able to easily store restaurant and retail coupons or coupon booklets. There’s a mesh zippered pocket in the outside Velcro section and can hold scissors for last minute clipping, along with a small calculator.

Pocket Partitions

The pocket partitions enable you to mark for stores wherever you shop most often. Also ideal for holding store add and grocery list for specific store. There’s a coupon personal organizer section behind each divider to hold store coupons for specific stores. You are able to also put the coupons that you’re planning to use on your shopping trip in each of the slots so that they are right with that list as well. When you’re shopping, place your list in the back end pocket of the store divider. Then when you flick the page, you’ll have your list available for your coupons for that trip in the coupon organizer page.

Shopping Organizer Pages

The shopping organizer pages and baseball card holder files that are included come in various sizes and will help you get your shopping trips organized easily while making your trip a breeze.

Coupon Lingo You Should Know

In order to survive in the couponing world, there are a few abbreviations, etc. you should know. The coupon binder provides you with an easy look-up reference list to decipher the codes, such as for Red Plum, Coupons, ECB, etc.

Menu Planner and Price Tracker Forms

The Menu Planner forms is a simplistic tool for you to practice to plan out your menus and work around what you currently have in stock in your pantry, and base your shopping trip on what you will need.

Follow along in my Coupon Series as I pass along more good info and tips that I find along the way!

Please feel free to share and pass along any tips and advice you have too!

I own this and I bought this myself, and have started to organize with according to my personal preferences. I have placed dividers to make room for more coupons.

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