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Declutter Your Home This Spring | Host A Family Swap Meet


Like A Yard Sale but For Family

Declutter Your Home


About 2 months ago I was on a roll tweeting about how my 2 daughters were bored one day and decided to help me declutter. The kicker was that I wasn’t around to veto what was being tossed! Had I been, much of my worldly possessions that I had intended to pass on to my two heirs would have been donated to charity rather than set to curbside.

Economic times are tough and many families are keeping a watchful eye out to save money while looking for ways to get things they need. This past weekend the Hubster came home with an almost brand-spanking-new swing set on top of his SUV. Complete with teeter-totter, 2 swings, a baby swing and a slide. ‘Lil Moomette and Slugger are already enjoying it outside in the nice spring weather. I looked it up online and it retails for about $200.00 new. To think it was free cycled out on the street for the taking!

If your family lives close by, you might want to consider developing a family trading system, much like a “swap meet.”

Perhaps you have things no longer of use to your family but that someone else in your family might need. I already did do this informally with my daughters when they were setting up their college apartments. Charity begins at home, so you can get the whole extended family involved – nieces, nephews, siblings and cousins!

A swap meet is relatively easy to do and can be as minimalistic or elaborate as you decide.

Begin by sending out a newsletter. Every household can list what they have to swap and include pictures. Barter for trade – this works well if the family is close-by and shipping costs aren’t necessary or incurred.

Email newsletters are probably easier than setting up a swap in a physical location as it doesn’t involve transporting or hauling boxes to set up, much like a garage or tag sale.

If you family does like to “kick the tires” once every season gather at someone’s back yard to set up shop and barter away! Back yards are probably best so the neighbors or passers-by won’t think you’re having a garage or yard sale.

A family swap meet also provides an opportunity to bond, while at the same time creating a learning opportunity for the younger set. The kids can learn about the joys of swapping as well as acquire some financial barter system skills.

If you have a large extended family, many times sisters, brothers and the in-laws are all experiencing a baby boom around roughly the same time. A swap exchange is a great way to avoid having to buy baby items!

Don’t limit yourself to any monetary goals, either. Try swapping services! In our family alone we have experts in graphic design, auto mechanics, carpentry, wallpapering, painting, crafting, baking enthusiasts and bookkeeping/finance. Make the system work for you! Your family will be able to be frugal and penny-wise before spending gas money pounding the pavement at the local mall.

If you’re into crafting, don’t forget that you can upcycle and repurpose many items into magnificent Birthday or Christmas gifts!

Family First and the rest to Freecycle!
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