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DIY Learn How to Crochet | Online Craft Courses | Eyelash Yarn Scarf


Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet? Those who crochet must learn how to handle the hook, work jointly, chain stitch, slip knot, and crochet a single row. Did you know that you can learn a new hobby by taking online courses?

I’ve been crocheting most of my life. My aunts taught me to crochet when I was about 10 years old. I think that’s a great age for a child to learn a hobby.

April has been a very productive month. I added many new crochet handmade wash cloths, crochet boot cuffs and crochet scarves to my Moomettes Crochet Shop.  In preparation for chilly days in fall and winter, I also added this beautiful Eyelash Yarn Scarf. Some people call it faux fur, or fun fur.

Handmade Crochet Eyelash Yarn Scarf


Crochet Eyelash Yarn Scarf
Crochet Eyelash Yarn Scarf

Available for sale at Moomettes Crochet

If you’re wondering what to do when you retire and want to learn how to crochet, Craftsy offers terrific online DIY craft courses.

DIY Online Craft Courses

Craftsy will be launching 9 new craft classes in a variety of techniques during the month of April.

April 24th

Norah McMeeking: Precision Piecing (quilting)
Roland Winbeckler: Piping Buttercream Borders (cake decorating)
Eileen Roche: The Machine Embroidered T-Shirt (embroidery)
Joan McGowan-Michael: Feminine Fit (knitting)

In the meantime, here’s some crochet craft tips from Grandma:

How to Understand Crochet Basics


To get started we can begin with crochet abbreviations to help you relate to the process. Crochet experts use the terms beg (Beginning) bet (Between), bk lp (Back loop) ch (chain), ch-(previous chain), cont (Continue), dc (double crochet), dec (decreasing), dtr (double/triple crochet), ft lp (Front loop), hdc (half-double crochet), inc (Increasing), lp (loops), and so on.

How to Hook:
To hold your hook you would start with a pencil. The hook may have a resting finger, which you can locate your thumbs to gain control.

How to Work in Union:
Once you have a hold on your hook, weave the thread/yarn so that your, left fingers have control, and can be used to apply pressure. Once you begin your project (Work), you want to use your thumb and the center left finger to press the stitches.

How to Slip Knot:
You want to form a shape-like pretzel by looping your yarn about, allow the loose ends to drop, fallen behind your loop. Pull the ends of your yarn without pulling too tight.

How to Chain Stitch:
On your hook position a slipknot and use your hands, i.e. center left finger and the thumb to hold the yarn in place. Wrap your yarn first up and then over your hook starting at the back and moving to the front. You will need to familiarize your self with this procedure, since it is a basic crocheting technique known as “Yarn over Yo.”

Now pull the yearn using your hook bringing it through the lp (loop). When you yarn over Yo and combine it with lp, it forms a ch. (Chain)

Continue until you have the acceptable chain and continue motion on even strokes and until the stitches that form a chain and each stitch (st(s) are even. Near your work area, hold your chain and continue twisting whilst avoiding counting the loops on your hook.

How to Crochet a Single Line:
Beneath your crown loops insert your hook at the second chain away from your hook and begin Yarn over Yo crocheting. You should continue to stitch between the two loops. Continue the yarn over process and pull your yarn through the chain to it meets two loops on your hook. Continue the Yo process again and pull the yarn through the other two loops.

Once you complete your hook, work, slipknots, chain stitch, single line, etc, you will need to learn how to double crochet, half-double, triple; slip stitch, back loop, popcorn stitch, etc. Behind the steps is the process of working back loops, chain space, stitches between, and about the post.

How to Double Stitch:
To double crochet you will need to perform the yarn over Yo steps and then insert your hook into the third chain away from the Yo and hook. Next, pull your yarn so that it goes through your chain and three loops at the hook. Continue the Yarn over steps and pull the yarn through the next two loops. Again, continue the Yarn over and pull the yarn through the remaining two loops.

How to Half Double Stitch:
Conduct the yarn over steps and insert your hook so that it goes into the second chain away from your hook. Yarn over and string your yarn through the third loops.

How to Triple Crochet:
Yarn over a couple of times and insert your hook so that it goes into the fourth chain away from the hook. Yarn over and stretch your yarn through the chain and the fourth loop at your hook. Yarn over, stretch the yarn through the second loops at the hook, and finish your three time steps.

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