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Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunts | Easter Crafts For Kids


Decorating Easter eggs for an Easter Egg Hunt is a terrific holiday craft that all the family can delight in. These eggs can them be placed all around the back yards in planters, wooden swing sets, decks or park, depending on where you choose to have the Easter egg hunt.  Easter Egg Hunts are a magnificent way for mom, dad, grandmom and grandpa to watch the kids enjoy the holiday. This type of merriment will guarantee that all of the little tykes will have fond memories of when they were younger. If you want to plan the greatest conceivable Easter egg hunt you should consider getting everybody to participate.

We hold ours outdoors if the weather is good here in New England. Our family has hosted an Easter Egg Hunt since my girls, were little.  My nieces and nephews would gather along with my girls.  My own daughters, nieces, nephews and extended family are now 20-something and 30-something.  We continue the tradition and now my grandchildren and great-nieces and nephews gather and hunt for the Easter eggs after our Easter brunch  or dinner.

Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

For generations children have been playing and having fun in Easter egg hunts and there isn’t any reason why your family can’t do so also. This is one of the best types of family Easter activities and traditions. It doesn’t matter if your Easter egg hunt is as fancy as the White House Easter Egg Hunt, as long as it has candy, plastic eggs or real eggs. My sister-in-law spends the night before with the kids and grandkids  dying, decorating and marking all of the Easter eggs.  Later, together they make  Easter crafts for kids such as 1st, 2nd and 3rd place “prize” awards.

In my family we hide eggs out of doors for the kids to hunt for and at the end of the Easter egg hunt the eggs are counted and are traded for candy, along with a grand prize of some silver coins. None of the candy gets soiled or lost and if some of the eggs are never found it isn’t  isn’t an issue.

After the Easter egg hunt, dessert is served – check out my easy Easter Bunny Cake recipe! Everybody talks about what a fun time they had during the hunt and how we can improve on it or make it different the following year. Easter egg hunts are something that all the generations can enjoy. It’s a fun and easy thought that will be recalled for years.

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