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If you're dropping in from Entrecard and looking for my widget, it's not here any longer. After much thought, I have decided to withdraw all of my blogs from Entrecard.

Entrecard – Farewell But I’ve Found Another


If you’re dropping in from Entrecard and looking for my widget, it’s not here any longer.  After much thought, I have decided to withdraw all of my blogs from Entrecard.

I don’t think the dust has settled yet on the whole paid advertising thing.  I’ve been reading many posts on some of my favorite blogs, ironically, which I had discovered through Entrecard.

Members have been dropping out left and right, basically because we now had to monitor and babysit our dashboards virtually 24 hours a day.

Initially I accepted a few paid ads, but primarily from my favorite droppers.  I’ve noticed that my favorite bloggers were dropping less frequently, and that the rates to advertise on my blogs had gone down.

At first, I put up a banner saying I was “Dropper Friendly” and would only accept advertising from those who paid by credits earned via dropping ECs.

The tweets I had read in Twitter using the hashtag #Entrecard leading to many blog posts are what finally persuaded me to leave.

Always a fair-minded person, I wanted to make sure that those who do advertise on my blog are getting 100% visibility, 100% of the time.

As an alternative, I now offer reasonable advertising for those who would like to display their banners on my blog, along with advertising options available from Project Wonderful, CMF ads, Adgitize Me, 123 Traffic Exchange and Moms Ad Exchange and CinnamonHollow.

I’ve been introduced to many wonderful blogs I wouldn’t have discovered otherwise, and have bookmarked many for further reading.

I hope that those readers who still use Entrecard will Bookmark my blogs, subscribe in a RSS reader and/or subscribe via Newsletter.


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  1. I’ve been wondering about this. I noticed earlier today that you didn’t have entrecard on your blog anymore, and I’m wondering about dropping out, too. When there are fewer blogs to drop with and so many paid ads to deal with, it makes it a lot more work, and not “fun” anymore.

    Lolli’s last blog post..Playing Catch Up

  2. Cindi, I really like your perspective in this posts. It’s obvious you care about other bloggers and your readers. You will be quite happy with the choices of replacements for entrecard. As many have said surviving without EC is not a real problem. You have a great blog with a lot of good information so leaving EC is not going to hurt you at all. EC is going quickly down hill and I firmly believe in the end anyone with the EC widget on their blog when EC folds is going to be hurt one way or another.

    I’ve added you to my reader’s list so will visit and comment.

    gardengnome1 on twitter

    Mom’s Cafe Home Cooking’s last blog post..Second Cup (Guelph, Ontario)

  3. I’ve removed my EC widget as well – didn’t like the new system and I didn’t find it helping me gain readers either.

    Michaela’s last blog post..Getting to know me Saturday- Part II

  4. I am going to be shortly behind you. I am fed up with Entrecard, Grahm and the direction EC is moving. I just have to get myself to make the step to actually do it. I am starting to bookmark or subscribe to all my favorite EC blogs (including yours) so that I will still visit them after I am gone.

    Connect with your Teens’s last blog post..Niche Social Networking Websites for Teens and Twenty somethings

  5. It’s sad to see Entrecard go by the wayside. I really enjoyed discovering so many blogs I never would have found without it.

    Steve v4.7’s last blog post..(Day 662 / -161 lbs.) One Is The Only-est Number

  6. I just joined EntreCard the other day and I am disappointed I missed out on the “good times” it seems. Can you recommend a free exchange, (not paid)site that similar to EntreCard?


    Amy Lynn’s last blog post..Free REDBOX Movie Code April 20, 2009

  7. Many people have decided to do that with you. I am staying for the moment, but will have to see what happens. I will still be by and always able to find you on Twitter or Facebook.

    Anne’s last blog post..Manic Monday

  8. Hi Cindi.
    I was wondering.
    I’m with Lolli on the ‘fun’ aspect to dropping. I really like checking out the other blogs on a daily basis. I think that Entrecard may not have thought this one out fully.

    Great traffic tips. I’ll have to check them out.
    take care

  9. Hi Mom’s Cafe ~ thanks for your good wishes, you’ve been most helpful in my decision. I’ve bookmarked your sites as well & follow you on Twitter!

  10. Hi Amy Lynn ~ all the alternatives to EC that I will be using were listed in this post. Thanks for visiting.

  11. Yes Lolli, there are fewer blogs to drop on and many of my favorites are gone. It made it easy to find them using the EC toolbar, but I started my own drop list.

  12. Hi Harriet ~ I really enjoyed the list that you put together of EC blogs and still probably will refer to it to find some new blogs to visit if they’re added, I just won’t be dropping EC! Agree that EC didn’t think this out, but if you’ve followed it from the beginning it looks like the EC site was going to be sold until this advertising method came along.

  13. Hi Jennifer ~ it was with trepedition that I did this but it’s really a relief, and of course I have you bookmarked!

  14. Hi Anne ~ Yes I noticed you’re still with EC. I was wondering if you’d stay, but I’m following your networked blog on Facebook too, along with many of my favorites! You’ll see me many times!

  15. Hi Steve ~ There’s so many people who really liked the old EC ~ if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Thanks for commenting!

  16. Hi Michaela ~ I think EC brought me some new readers but to me it was difficult to judge if they actually came from EC or the many ning sites I belong to. Just looking at the drops I was getting recently though told me they weren’t keepers. Thanks for commenting!

  17. After seeing the EC forums being closed except to people who purchased 400 ads (there’s just a small community forum now, no questions answered, etc) I decided it was time to leave EC too. I’ve seen too many things that concerned me. I’m sticking with CMF and blog hopping.

    ConnieFoggles’s last blog post..Online Cooking Classes

  18. Hi Connie ~ I never visited the EC forums at all, but since I’ve joined CMF I’ve seen many of my blog/twitter friends there & have friend requested them all. Seems like a friendly, informative community! Thx for your comment. Have added your banners to my blogrolls! :-)

  19. Unfortunately Entrecard forgot the ONE thing that made it potentially successful. IT’S USERS!!
    Thanks for the major lesson guys, I won’t forget it.
    I’m hearing that is rapidly taking up all the disgruntled Entrecard users.

    mistrtim’s last blog post..Healthyou’s Weblog

  20. Mistrim, you are absolutely correct and hit the nail on the head ~ it’s users liked EC just the way it was. One door closes and another one opens, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out! :-D

  21. I’ve dropped them too. I just received an email from them saying my account will be deleted if I don’t put the badges back up. LOL! That was the point of taking them down :)

    JMom’s last blog post..Entrecard Credits Winners

  22. Thanks so much for posting the information on the other options. I have removed the entrecard from my site and am now using the ones you suggested. Thanks! :-D

  23. Thanks for commenting! I would suggest you open a “Help” ticket and ask them to delete the account and make it official.

  24. I think you’ll be happy with the alternative choices. I’ve been reading good things about each of them.

  25. I am debating weather or not to leave Entrecard as well. For two reasons, 1 I don’t like the paid advertising either. We need 2 sided widgets. And 2, a lot of the blogs on there have spyware and adware on them and it is affecting my computer. Also alot of the sites load way too slow so it has become a waste of time for me. I no longer accept paid ads and I don’t drop as many cards as I used to. If my traffic from Entrecard drops considerably and I am able to replace that traffic with another source, then I will drop out. But for now I am mainly using it as a directory to find interesting blogs. We will miss you though!

  26. What is your forum username at CMF ads? Do you visit often?

    EmmaB’s last blog post..My “Baby”

  27. Hi Emma ~ I am Moomettesgram on most everything in the blogosphere and on CMF ads ~ I try to visit when I can ~ Thanks for commenting!

  28. Thanks for the tips about other ad sites. I’ve joined CMF ads which I like very much. However, I just love the “card dropping” concept and hate to part with it. But everyone is right– EC is rapidly going downhill, what will the paid ad fiasco, and also of the reports I am finding of members being deleted/banned because they say something offensive to the EC Gods, or because they are a Christian and the moderators hate Christianity. It’s all a bit much. Never before have I seen such mismanagement and decisions that offend so many, so much of the time. Well, maybe the US government beats them, but EC is getting pretty bad!

    Rebecca’s last blog post..Fabulous Hand Art

  29. Hi Rebecca ~ it really pains me too and I always enjoyed dropping in on blogs, leaving my “calling card” to let people know I was there, even if I didn’t get the chance to comment, they know I was there. But I really don’t like what I’m reading, and I do try to be objective, but don’t want any part of it any longer. As I keep finding new alternatives, I’ll try to let my readers know about them.

    In the meantime, continue bookmarking all my favorite blogs. Thanks for visiting!

  30. As a businessman myself I just can’t understand the arrogant, dismissive attitude EC is displaying towards bloggers. I haven’t left yet but I’m close.

    The only thing I would say is they’re even-handed – they’re presently rude and imperious with everyone !


  31. Thanks for the article, I’m currently looking for how to advertise on my blog and how to get myself out there. Thanks!

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