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I will not be accepting paid Entrecard ads and have set my advert settings to "Reject." Please be assured that if you EC drop on any of my blogs and decide to advertise, that I want your ad to show up 100 percent of the time.

Entrecard Terms: My Blog – My Terms


A short note to my Entrecard droppers ~

I will not be accepting paid Entrecard ads and have set my advert settings to “Reject.” I have found that the banner ads coming through often were not reflective of the material that was actually on the sites that they linked to.

Also, I want some control over what types of sites advertise here, as this blog, as well as my other blogs are family oriented.

Please be assured that if you EC drop on any of my blogs and decide to advertise here, that I want your ad to show up 100 percent of the time.

There’s been quite a bit of controversay over the whole new paid ads that you kind find more about here

Additionally, I give “linky luv” to my Top Droppers for the months, listed right on my home page.  I also occasionally do an “Entrecard Find of the Week” post where I try to highlight a blog that I’ve found to be informational and fun.

I now also offer affordable advertising rates if you’d like to be guaranteed of prime real estate visibility on my blog.  Rates are available either monthly or long-term discounts are available.

Thanks for dropping in on me! Let me know if your blog is “Dropper Friendly so I can drop in on you and add your blog to my “Dropper Friendly” list of blogs that I’m compiling. Feel free to grab the “Dropper Friendly” banner!

Hat Tip to: I am Harriet

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  1. That is really good to know. I had no idea that they might go to other sites. I better pay attention more.

  2. I agree. I am not accepting EC ads either.

    Donna K’s last blog post..Giveaway Winners

  3. Hi Cindi, everyone is still so confused with what’s going on, looking forward to see what happens this weekend with the cashback system taking place. Have a great Easter! :) :-?

  4. Hi Mariuca ~

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens ~ I’ve seen so many blogs that I found through EC drop out and I have them marked as favorites. I’m going to have to start an Excel spreadsheet of my favorite blogs to visit!

  5. Hi Donna~

    I’m still accepting EC for now, just not paid ads, and I’ve moved my EC banner for now.

  6. Hi Pam ~
    It’s not that they’re being redirected (that I’ve noticed) it’s just that the banner may portray one image and the site is a sales site, not a blog. I thought they were going to clean up things like that.

  7. Hi cindi,
    didn’t know that they the paid ads are linking to other sites…better double check what I have on my entrecard just incase it affects my readership.
    Thanks for the thumbs up.

    Dominique’s last blog post..Weekend Linky – Attitude of Gratitude

  8. I agree. I am going to change my settings too. I am doing this to socialize and network not to get cheezy ads on the site where I spend all my time and energy.

    Nicole Feliciano’s last blog post..Q Collection Discount

  9. Hi Cindi.
    take care

    Harriet’s last blog post..APRIL IS TELL ‘EM YOU’RE A FAN MONTH!

  10. Amen sister! I clicked on an ad on someone’s site and got caught up in some creepy site that shut my computer down. I was furious.

    Stacie Haight Connerty’s last blog post..Speechless Sundays – What Happens When You Blow Up a Peep

  11. Hi Stacie ~ What I’d really like to do is compile a list of dropper friendly blogs so I can drop in on them and use my EC credits to advertise. I can’t go by my “Favorite” list anymore, because I don’t know who’s also accepting paid ads.

    I’ll just have to rely on people letting me know they don’t accept paid ads!

  12. Thanks Harriet for the neat Dropper Friendly banner idea!

  13. I agree. I’m rejecting like crazy! I’m dropper friendly, I’ll drop at home.

    Angie’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday: Remember Maddie

  14. Hey Cindi!
    I have accepted some paid ads that I thought were “family friendly” and have turned out to be something totally different. I too am going to grab the dropper friendly button. Drop with me anytime.

    Shannon’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

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