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I have been inviting bloggers and writers to share their ideas and experiences with my readers who are interested in Working from Home. Today I'd like to introduce you to my friend Linda, one of my Twitter friends/followers. Linda is an expat work-at-home Mom Living in Brazil.

ExPat WAHM Mom In Brazil | Meet My Friend Linda | Guest Post


Today I’d like to introduce you to my friend Linda, one of my Twitter friends/followers.  Linda is an expat work-at-home Mom Living in Brazil.  Follow Linda on Twitter @brazilianlinda.

I have been inviting bloggers and writers to share their ideas and experiences with my readers who are interested in Working from Home.

If you have a WAHM topic of interest that you’d like to share and be a Guest Blogger on Moomettes Magnificents, please contact me.

The Wonders of WAHM Life in Brazil

svlindalitenI believe that if I hadn’t moved to Brazil I would not be a WAHM. Instead I would probably be very career focused and working for some busy company in London while juggling mom life. Only that I swap my London mom life for a Brazil mom life, the best choice I’ve ever made.

There isn’t really a term for WAHMs here although many moms work from home doing something or have their own little biz where they help sustain the family.  There are many moms who are at home doing nothing at all and that is accepted in general. So when I say I work at home I have to emphasize that I really do work at home. I don’t just clean my house all day like most Brazilian “done de casa” (housewives)

That I work online makes it even more difficult for them to understand and just like my husband first was doubtful they don’t really see how anyone can make any money working online.  I love living in a sunny country and I believe that is part of what keeps me happy and less stressed. There are times though I get stressed and because my work is always so close it can be tough relaxing. To make sure my family does not get neglected I have restricted my working hours to only during the day. When my husband comes home I try not to work unless I really need to and a project cannot wait until the next day.

Being a WAHM outside of Europe or US has its downsides when it comes to getting paid. There is yet no way to transfer money from PayPal to a Brazilian bank account here so you need a backup plan if you want to work online. Thankfully I do have a UK bank account so I don’t have to worry about that, but if I hadn’t perhaps I would have resisted along the way.

I feel very blessed to be a WAHM and to live in a wonderful country like Brazil. There are many things I wish I could change here, but I love it just the same. I believe that my International view of life only helps me grow as a person and as a professional. I am a very positive person and life has taught me that nothing is impossible so let me leave you with a few positive tips that can help the everyday WAHM life go a bit smoother;

Don’t stress yourself over things you cannot change. Have a schedule for how you do things and you will be able to run your biz much easier.

Money can be a complicated issue; do remember that sometimes we need to invest in ourselves and our biz for it to grow. By being a frugal mom you can invest more in your business and as it grows so will your bank account hopefully. Extra tip: If you are an online WAHM then joining in with the moms at Mom Masterminds is well worth the monthly fee.

I believe that in order to be a fully efficient WAHM you need to be organized. Take a look at how you run your business and see what you can do to improve it today. Take the time needed to set up automated ways to run your biz.

It doesn’t matter how much you know if you don’t act. Use what you have now to prepare yourself for tomorrow.

Bio: Linda Hernestal da Silva is a Swedish Web Designer and freelance writer in Brazil who loves to help other wahms. You can find her at Berries and Cream Blog Design where she helps moms get a design they love and at A Mommy in Brazil where she writes about the adventures in Brazil and you can follow her at Twitter.

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