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Using Tutorial Part 2 of my series on setting up a Facebook account, you'll learn to add all of your business contacts or find your old high school and college buddies, as well as people you've lost touch with! T

Tips To Set Up Your Facebook Account: Part 2 – Adding and Organizing Friends


Setting Up a Facebook Account Series

In Part 1 I discussed how in order to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive society, one should have a pretty strong social networkingcircle. Part 1 covered the topic, How to Set Up Your Facebook Profile Page.  Once you have your personal tidbits established, it’s time to start adding Facebook top friends for business purposes, or personal contacts.  Using Tutorial Part 2, you can add all of your business contacts or find your old high school and college buddies, as well as people you’ve lost touch with!  You’ll want to add your family, so make sure you send this post on to Mom or Aunt Tillie so she can get with the times and share her favorite recipes or recent photos of Precious with you!

Adding and Organizing Friends on Facebook

Adding and Organizing Friends on Facebook

Facebook friends.get party

Things to consider:

  • Your purpose for using Facebook
  • Who you want to connect with
  • What ‘type’ of friends you’ll have (business, family, friend, etc)
  • What parts of your profile you want each list of friends to see

I have two types of Facebook pages – a personal page where I shoot-the-breeze with friends, and also Fan pages for my blogs.

My personal page actually consists of my online-friends as my family prefers not to have their personal posts show on my wall.  I have yet to make a page strictly for my family, but when Ido (in my spare time – ha), it most likely will be under my maiden name.  At least then, my friends from high school will know how to find me!

Notes: These steps can be completed in any order you choose. For privacy purposes, some step may not be illustrated or images may be missing details.

Step 1: Create Custom Friends Lists

a) Click the “Friends” link in your sidebar

Facebook Friends Link

b) Click the “Create a List” button at the top of your screen & name your list

Facebook Create List

A pop-up will open with all of your existing friends shown

c) Select the person you want to add and press enter. You can add multiple people at once by pressing the Ctrl button on your keyboard while you select people.

Facebook Name List

Important! Don’t forget to go back and set the options for ‘privacy permissions’ for this list

Step 2: Add Friends Using “Friend Finder”

The “Find Friends” option allows Facebook to scan your email address book to see if anyone in it has a Facebook account. Your request will be sent to your friend’s email for their approval.

a) On your home page, click the “Try Friend Finder” button Facebook Friend Finder

b) A box will pop up asking you to sign into your email account

Google Login on Facebook

Once signed in, you may be asked to allow Facebook to view data from your email account. If you don’t allow it, you cannot use the Friend Finder feature.

Facebook will automatically scan your address book and generate a list of people who have a Facebook account.

Facebook Gmail Scan

c) Select which friends you want to add to your friends list by selecting the box next to each person’s photo or identity. You can also switch email accounts to find more friends.
d) After you add your friends or click “skip” you can invite those without a Facebook account to join and become your friend. Simply check the box next to each person you want to send an invite to and click “Invite to Join”.

Non-Facebook User Invite

Once done or if you ‘skip’ this step, you will be redirected back to your Facebook account.

Step 3: Locate & Add Friends Manually

a) Enter a name in the “Search” box at the top of your screen & hit enter

Facebook Search

b) Review the results page, refining your search by using filters, clicking to read more about the person if necessary. You can also narrow your results by pages, people, groups and more using the list on the left side of the screen.

c) Once you find your friend, on the search results page, click the “Add as Friends” link next to their name. Your request will be sent to your friend’s email for their approval.

Facebook Search Results

In Part 3 of the Facebook Tutorial Series, I’ll cover Applications. If you’d like to follow along, Sign Up for my Free Newsletter so you Won’t Miss a Thing!

Send this post to your Mom, Aunt or Grandmom and ask them to follow along with my Series and learn to set up Facebook accounts together!

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