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Facebook Profile Photo Button

Facebook Tutorial Series | How to DIY Create a Custom Profile Photo Page Button for FREE


Connect With Your  Friends and Fans on Facebook

Facebook pages are used by blogs, businesses, organizations and other public figures to broadcast announcements to those who are interested in what they’re doing and want to connect with them.  Using applications you can enhance your Facebook Fan Page by adding video, audio, news feeds, event announcements and more. You can also enhance your Facebook  Profile Page and Fan Page by adding a custom profile button photo that you can DIY and make it yourself for free.  I’ll show you how.

Welcome Your Visitors – Create a Facebook Profile Button Photo for a Page

Besides having a Fan Page for each of my blogs, I also have a separate account on Facebook where I can converse with other WAHMs, industry and pr reps, and social media friends.

I’ve created my own custom Facebook Profile Photo Page Button that not only sets me apart from just another pretty face, but helps to promote my blog as well.

Facebook Profile Photo Button

Do you like it?  I’ve incorporated my blog logo for Moomettes Magnificents, my blog URL address, my photo, and also my Twitter handle, @Moomettes.

I did it myself, for FREE  without having to pay a designer to do it!  You can too!

I used the online photo editing service called PICNIK. With Picnik, I can edit and fix my digital photos online and make adjustments. I like that it has the capability to add text and graphics to my images. I can add frames and stickers to change out my photos, especially around the holidays. There’s a free version, and also a paid version (which I use) that has more extensive editing features.

Another photo editing software that I’ve also used is
Photoshop Elements
.  You could probably use Paint.Net also if you have it, or any other photo editing software, such as GIMP, that you might be familiar with.

I’ve been writing and creating a Facebook Tutorial Series on the benefits of using Facebook for blog traffic. Recently I’ve had both my Moomettes Magnificents blog Fan Page and Frugal New England Kitchen blog Fan Page Facebook Landing pages custom designed to include a spiffy Welcome Page:

Moomettes Magnificents Facebook Wall Page

Isn’t it terrific? In a brief introduction and bio, my visitors to Moomettes Magnificents will learn more about me, my family and what I write about on each blog – work at home tips, blogging techniques, reviews, giveaways, photography , travel and family life.

Frugal New England Kitchen Facebook Wall Page

On Frugal New England Kitchen my visitors will learn that I offer cooking tips and recipes, reviews of family-friendly household products, and also that I talk about my family, grandparenting and grandchildren.

Each Fan Page Welcome landing page also includes hyperlinks to my blog categories – WAHM Tips, Reviews, Giveaways, Recipes, Health, Entertaining, Grandparenting, Shopping, Travel, Photography (and more!) as well as hyperlinks to my social media icons for Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIN and RSS feeds – making it easy to subscribe to my social networks and my blogs.

The cute little arrow points towards the “Like” button, where my fans can like the page, and have all my recent posts show up in their Facebook stream.

DIY Custom Facebook Fan Page

If you’re on a frugal budget, it’s very easy to DIY and set up a simple Facebook Fan Page for your blog or business.

However, if you would like a unique custom Facebook Fan Page Landing Page design such as I have on both of my blogs, I recommend my designer,  Stefanie from Design Press Unlimited.

If you end up making your own Facebook button for your profile, let me know how it works out for you!

Don’t forget to stop by and “Like” my Fan Page to keep up with more blogging tips and techniques, work at home ideas and more!

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