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Family Pet Cat Pranks Squatter's Rights

Family Pet Dallas Kitty Cat Pranks


Family Pet Cat Squatters Rights

This is our family pet, my daughter’s kitten, Dallas, who just turned one. She named her when after her visit to the second football game at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium

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  1. Too cute!!

    Happy WW, Cindi!
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  2. *smiling* such fun pics! What a cutie.
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  3. Looks like the banana won.
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  4. Does Dallas take care of *all* bananas, or just the yummy, fresh looking ones? I’ve got a couple of brownish ones that my kids won’t touch….maybe s/he’d be interested?

    Happy WW! (I’m new and happy to participate!


  5. LOL Dallas is so cute! Even if he’s trying to steal the banana.
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  6. Ohh, this is why I want a kitty so bad!! Too cute!!!
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  7. Adorable!! Too funny! Love the captions, happy WW!
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  8. Too cute! This made me laugh! Thanks for the linky :)

  9. Haha. Cat’s are so silly!
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  10. LOL — tricky cat!
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  11. LOL, how cute is that!
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  12. Cute kitty!! Would have been fun to see the cat take off when the banana hit him!
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  13. LOL! they can be so amusing… did you find any teeth marks?

  14. How cute!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

  15. Super cute! Love the kitty!
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  16. hahahaa!!! That’s really cute!
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