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Fasta Pasta Maker

Fasta Pasta Microwave Cooker | Review


Do you ever come home from the office and face getting dinner on the table in a hurry?  Perhaps you have to run the kids out to the next lacrosse or baseball practice, dance lesson or choir practice.

If you work from home, cooking dinner may be even more of a challenge if you weren’t able to leave the house to pick up what you need.

Every Monday and Wednesday I have to get dinner ready by 5:45 pm for my family as my charming  son-in-law plays softball at 6:15 – talk about a short time frame!  Any type of pasta main meal was always my fall-back  dinner.

Fasta Pasta Microwaver Cooker

I’ve had the opportunity to review Fasta Pasta, a revolutionary microwave cooker that’s an entirely Made in the USA product that cooks al dente pasta in 15 minutes!

At first I was sceptical, thinking, I’ve been cooking pasta in a boiling pot of water for over 35 years, so how can anyone improve on this method?  Well, they did, and I am a believer now!

This “As Seen On TV” Fasta Pasta cooker is really easy to use, and cooks any type of pasta – linguine, spaghetti, lasagna noodles, shells and ziti.  It can also be used to microwave vegetables and used as rice cooker.

There are holes to measure serving sizes (for spaghetti), and there’s also a colander/strainer to drain the water once the pasta is cooked.  No more lifting heavy pots, with chances of spilling boiling water.  Because you use only a maximum of 2 cups of water to cook the pasta, the Fasta Pasta is an environmentally Green product since it uses less water, thus, helping to save the environment

Features Include:

  • Made Entirely in the USA – BPA free (Recycle5 symbol stamped on bottom)
  • Inventor insists on Helping Support American-made products
  • Cooks food even without a microwave turntable
  • Dishwasher Safe

I also received a Fasta Pasta cookbook featuring fast and easy recipes for complete meals that can be cooked in 15 minutes or less.

I pride my reputation for reviews in that I’m a Baby Boomer Grandma Who’s Been Around the Block. I can honestly say that Fasta Pasta will become one of my most frequently used kitchen items.

Do you know a recent graduate who’ll be going off to college this year?  This would make the perfect gift!  It’s also a great gift for moms, daughter, grandparents and the RV and boating crowds!

For More Information: Fasta Pasta

Available online retailers and and in select kitchen shops.

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  1. I am HUGE on pasta, and this invention sounds amazing!! Pasta is already a great quickie meal, and being able to microwave it? Combine that with a microwaveable pasta sauce pouch, and you just made the easiest meal ever. LOL!

    By the way, I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award – when you have time, check it out here:

    Beeb’s last blog post..Contest Corner Won An Award!

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