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Scotts Turf Builder

Fertilizing Your Lawn Just Got Easier With Scotts Turf Builder


Now that it’s spring and our rainy mud season is over in New England, May is the perfect time to ready our yards and gardens for summer fun and entertaining. Although everybody enjoys seeing their lawn in garden party condition, not many  are aware of the basics of lawn maintenance and grooming.  Here’s some helpful general lawn maintenance tips from Scotts Turf Builder.

My husband is the DIY yard guy around here.  This old house sits on a postage-stamp size yard of about one-quarter acre, so we don’t need to hire a lawn service to maintain the lower forty in East Egg.

We’ve lived in our home for over 35 years, and each spring he aerates and thatches the lawn to prevent the soil from being compacted.  We’ve used Scott fertilizer many times over the years and he applies fertilizer and  resdeeds our lawn as it has bare spots from grubs. As with fertilizer, buying quality grass seed pays off in a thicker lawn.

Benefits of Regular Feedings with Scotts Turf Builder

Regular feedings provide the nutrients your lawn needs to look its best and withstand the stresses of weeds, heat, drought and family activity.

Scotts Turf Builder takes the guess work out of caring for your lawn. This product is a big step forward making lawn care simpler and easier for consumers in the following ways:

  • Kid and Pet Friendly allowing them to reenter the lawn for playtime right after application
  • Nourishes and Strengthens your grass to protect against future problems like weeds, heat, drought & family activity
  • Apply any season to any type of grass – no guess work!
  • All Food, No Filler! Scotts Turf Builder is made using a patented All-In-One particle technology that combines key lawn nutrients into a single small particle. Bargain brands can contain as much as 40% filler, but with Scotts Turf Builder there is 100% pure nutrition in every granule!
  • Scotts Turf Builder all-in-one technology is so easy to use and you don’t have to be a lawn care guru to have a beautiful lawn!

    About Scotts Turf Builder All-In-One Technology

    • 100% pure nutrition in every granule.   Bargain brands can contain as much as 40% filler.
    • Tiny, so you achieve MORE even feeding and greening over every square inch of your lawn. Bargain brands mix together separate larger particles that can result in hit or miss feeding/greening.
    • Formulated with slow release nitrogen so you’ll get a beautiful, green lawn – without burning, even if you apply too much

    Product Info

    • Scotts Turf Builder Fertilizer is available in 5000 sq. feet bags and 15000 sq. feet bags
    • Southern Scotts Turf Builder Fertilizer – specially formulated for Southern lawns – is available in 5000 sq. feet bags, 10000 sq. feet bags and 15000 sq. feet bags

    Scotts Turf Builder is available for sale at various retailers including Home Depot, Target and Walmart.

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    1. I tried Scott’s, too. Naturally we are now having a drought and we are NOT lawn waterers. I hope it rains soon, so I can see how much it helped. Then again, the lawn may be a total write off this year (again).

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