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Financial Troubles In Today’s Economy? Do You Ever Ask Yourself How Did You Get Yourself Into That Mess?



Does it ever seem to you that when it rains, it pours?  This seems especially true when it comes to automobile expenses.

As a typical American multi-car family, we have our share of auto woes.  My youngest college-age daughter puts on more miles and wear and tear on her car than Magellan did circumnavigating the globe.   I basically just use mine for commuting back and forth to work.  While this isn’t a great distance, I do add miles doing my daily errands and chores.  My husband uses his vehicle for work and travels throughout the state.

When we take extended car trips, we use my car.  This past year, we have had to replace two of the vehicles.  My husband needs to replace his, but unfortunately, he’s on the waiting list.  To do otherwise would be a financial nightmare.

While up in Vermont this past weekend at a cookout, we spoke with several guests who indicated that layoffs were occurring at their companies. It seems like everyone is trying to pinch pennies and save on expenses.

One of the ways our family members were able to avoid adding additional Credit card debt over the weekend was by staying overnight with family, rather than booking a room at a hotel or motel. The birthday celebration was a backyard barbecue, rather than being hosted in a restaurant or being catered. It was tremendous fun, and everyone was able to dress casually, rather than spend extra money for formal or special occasion clothing.

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