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Elmo's Tickle Hands Glove Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Elmo’s Tickle Hands Glove


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Who else wouldn’t want a toy that tells jokes and stories, and also sings and dances? For good reason, Elmo Live, based on the Sesame Street Character Elmo, was one of the hottest toys in past years. Like past years when the Tickle Me Elmo’s took the world by storm, this toy was supposed to be an item your kids will want desperately.

Tickle Hand Glove

Elmo Live was marketed by Fisher-Price, and it was being dubbed as having the most advanced movement for an Elmo toy. The previous Elmo item that could compare with this one was the “extreme edition”. A few reasons that people loved Elmo Live is because it featured excellent animatronics showcases, he is a known and loved character, he is fun to watch, the price was actually quite affordable, and it proved to be a great toy for children over 18 months old.

This Christmas holiday shopping season, the new kid on the block is Elmo Tickle Hands from Fisher-Price.  The recommended ages is 18 months to 4 years.  Elmo Tickle Hands fit over your own children’s hands.  As soon as the hands touch a surface, they begin to vibrate and the kids will hear Elmo’s signature giggle!  It also comes with a DVD where the kids will be able to dance to the song, “The Tickle Hand Groove.” This is a toy that encourages hours of creative fun for any toddler or pre-schooler!

Be diligent about looking for it, as it may be hard to come by.   Like other items that have been hard to find in the past, you can find them if you are willing to put in the extra efforts.

One of the places that will that will be carrying the Elmo Tickle Hands is  The key to obtaining one is to start shopping now as you have some time before Christmas. By being persistent, you may be able to find one somewhere.

The price point on the Elmo Tickle Hands glove is around $29.99 which doesn’t put it out of reach for too many people this Christmas season. For a toy that will be so popular the price isn’t bad at all. Make sure you don’t miss out on the toy of the year! Purchase your Elmo Tickle Hands online at today. You can still find it.

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