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Many of my readers know that I had accepted an opportunity to be the Editor of the Timeless Bliss channel for maturer and Baby Boomer women at Blissfully Domestic. You will not see the "Editor" banner on my websites any longer. I have resigned from that postition to do a difference in ideology.

Follow What You Feel Is Right For You: Now You Know the Rest of the Story



Many of my readers know that at the beginning of the year I had accepted an opportunity to be the Editor of the Timeless Bliss channel for mature and Baby Boomer women at Blissfully Domestic.

You will not see the “Editor” banner on my websites any longer.

I have resigned from that position due to a conflict in ideology.

Part of my duties included approving and editing the posts of the 20 wonderfully, talented women contributors that I recruited whom graciously volunteered their time and talents.  These women came from all walks of life:  several were doctors; one was a lawyer, there were Squidoo experts, crafters, beauty consultants; journalism majors.  All shared one common denominator ~ a love for sharing their knowledge and experiences in life, be it professional tips, family tips, life experiences.

I built that channel from the ground up ~ recruited the writers;  got it included in Alltop Women; built the Amazon store.  I had a tremendous amount of hours and time invested in that site.

The one positive aspect coming out of this whole event was that I was able to connect with the wonderful women who became Contributors.

The following is an excerpt of my Resignation letter:

I am submitting my resignation as Editor of the Timeless Bliss channel at Blissfully Domestic, effective immediately.

My decision was based on several factors.

I am a baby boomer who came of age during the late 1960s and early 1970s.  I am a native New Englander, and attended college at an all-woman’s liberal art college in Massachusetts.  Because of my experiences, I feel that there exists a conflict on my interpretation of acceptable posts on behalf of the contributor’s I have recruited and the mission statement of Blissfully Domestic.

Thank you for the opportunity, but I just don’t think this is a good fit.

Additionally, after the on-line meeting this past week, I feel that I do not have the additional time to contribute to the additional duties you are requiring of Editors for the 5-minutes posts.  Many times, it take much longer than that just to choose an appropriate picture for a post, much less research material and re-write it.

I feel that I have more than given it my “all” by recruiting who I feel, are excellent writers.  Some of the Contributors to the Timeless Bliss channel are credentialed experts in their fields; several are doctors and published writers.  Many others have varied interests and are capable writers.

I’m not sure how aware you may be of  amount of time that I have spent recruiting; sending outreach letters; tech instructions and basic hand-holding for those who are not familiar with Word Press or photo selections.

I have developed the Diva ning site into an informational base, and encouraged participation from my contributors.

Additionally, I follow-up by pinging the TB URL when a new post is published, and maintain the Twitter account.  I am quite surprised that there has not been any promotion by BD of the Timeless Bliss channel.  Although I visit daily, I have yet to see one of the TB contributors on the scrolling marquis banner.

I have sent out advertising requests to my contacts. Although the meeting indicated that there may be a promise of “substantial” (or similar verbiage) advertising revenue, I don’t foresee TB being high on the priority list.

All my duties have been fulfilled, and all pending posts have been published.

I leave you with an extremely talented group of contributors.

Thank you.

Please visit the following post written by The Mother’s

Please read all of  the comments if you can.  It gets really scary the farther down you go.  The comments only cement in my mind that I made the right decision and should have realized it sooner.

The Gene For Common Sense is on the X Chromosome

And now you know the “Rest of the Story” as the late Paul Harvey would say,

“Good Day.”

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  1. Cindi:

    It’s on a day like this that the wheat separates from the chaff. You are an amazing lady, and I’m proud to have made your acquaintance.

    How rarely we find people willing to put their values above all else.

    Hopefully, we can work together, again, someday.

    The Mother’s last blog post..Someone Get Me a Scorecard!

  2. Well said. I think you were doing an outstanding job and I do know how time consuming that type of position is. There’s so much more than just asking people to write.

    You’re a talented woman. You’re helping women all over the place with your great sense of style, helpful hints and passion for all you do.

    You rock. Plus you’re a New Englander so you get extra “rocking” points!

  3. Thanks for all you’ve done for Timeless Bliss. I hope you will bring your experience to another project that is a better fit for you.

    Joie at Canned Laughter’s last blog post..Haven’t I Seen You Somewhere Before?

  4. Cindi I am telling I am just shocked and simply horrified after what I read over at the Mothers handbook! I cannot even believe they would of removed such a posts are serious? It was HONEST and seriosly funny!

    I am so sorry but I am glad you stood your ground!

    Angie Wenke’s last blog post..Frugal WAHMs Talk Radio March 19th Show

  5. I’m proud of you for leaving that drama-infested nest.

    I am sure more will walk away once they see what they are really dealing with, which doesn’t take long at the rate things are moving these days.

  6. Thanks for the full story. I am leaving also. That is so completely not me. When I saw the name Blissfully Domestic, something told me to stay away. I should have listened.

    Connect with your Teens’s last blog post..Twitter Power: Book for beginners through Advanced

  7. Cindi!

    You did a fantastic job with the Timeless Bliss Chanel. You were a great editor, leader, and motivator. I appreciated all of the technical and creative help you gave me. I am so sorry to see you go and it is a tremendous loss to the Timeless Bliss Chanel.

    Much love and success!

  8. Hi Cindi,

    I just came from reading the post and the comments and all I can say is wow… best of luck to you! See you around twitter. @pricousins


  9. Hi Cindi,
    read the post here and the other one you highlighted. Am glad that both of you are sticking up for each other and you definitely deserve better( even $$) for the job you did.

    Dominique’s last blog post..Ultimate Blog Party 2009- Are you In?

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