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One way to monitor your blog’s “health” is by using comprehensive analytics. Get The Real Time Advantage

Get Clicky Analytics: Monitor Your Blog Traffic In Real Time


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Get The Real Time Advantage

Whether you blog for personal enjoyment, or have branded, monetized and established your blog as a work-at-home venture, every business needs to know how it’s doing. One way to monitor your blog’s “health” is by using comprehensive analytics.

Just as major online retailers use exit surveys, customer feedback forms, suggestion boxes and other devices, without feedback from the customer (in this case your readers) businesses can quickly fall off the radar screen without the owner (you) ever seeing it coming – or being able to stop the slide!

To avoid this happening, I’ve installed Clicky Real Time Web Analytics.

Clicky Web Analytics

As a WAHM blogger, there are certain things that you should be monitoring on your website. Most of these can be classified as traffic related or server performance related.

Here’s a few to keep in mind:

Traffic Totals You want to know how much traffic your generating. If you’re like me, you’re may be wondering, if I’m writing, is anybody reading? If the line on the graph is heading down, you know you have to find out why.

Referrers It isn’t enough just to know how many visitors you’re getting. You also need to know where they’re coming from. My stats show me that my participation in social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Networked Blogs and Ning sites are sending me a tremendous amount of traffic.

Searches Clicky allows me to see what terms and keywords readers arriving at my site have searched for.  This is Valuable Information to me, and in turn, since I do a bit of internet marketing,  allows me to properly optimize that particular page and get even more traffic.

Pages Viewed Per Visit If people visit only one page per visit, you know you have some work to convince them to visit more pages, (especially those that make you money.)

Pages VisitedSo you threw up on your site something cool as an add-on. How were you to know that other webmasters would link to it and send a whole bunch of traffic your way? Well, now you know, so add some copy to the page to pull visitors into the rest of your site.

Forms Are they all functioning? A good website monitoring service can keep tabs on them for you. The last thing you want is to have lost hundreds or thousands of subscribers because a sign-up form or a Contact form has stopped functioning.

Time of Day Traffic Clicky shows me the time of day that the majority of traffic arrives on my site.  I can then optimize the time I schedule my tweets to take advantage of when my targeted readers are most likely to click through to my site.

Download Speed Clear your cache and test your pages. Perhaps those images are a bit large. Take the time to compress them.  In a previous post I recommended some wordpress plugins that can help you accomplish this.  Remember that some people are on a much slower connection than you are.

Server Speed Are there problems with server speed? There might not be where you are, but maybe on the other side of the world. Global website monitoring can alert you to a transatlantic connection problem, so you can take it up with your web hosting service.

Server Accessibility
All the web hosts promise 99% accessibility. But is that for real? Who monitors them? I use and recommend
Mom Webs

Clicky is customizable, and there’s a free version –  however the paid version allows me to see who’s actually on my site in real time.  There’s also a WordPress plug-in available where you can monitor your stats right through your dashboard. Another feature I like is the ability to shorten links I use on Twitter. I have the bookmarklet placed right on my toolbar.

Working at home and being a webmaster should be fun!

For More Information: Clicky Real Time Web Analytics

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