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Getting Ready to Travel this Summer or Cubicle Dweller? Don’t Freeze!



Since it’s summer now, everywhere I go there’s air conditioning running. I really like hot, humid weather, and am not an aficionado of air conditioning, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

I freeze when I ride in the car with my husband, as the air’s always on full-blast. When I’m in my home office, I have to wear a sweater because the air conditioning is running full-stream ahead coming in from the living room.

As many of my readers are aware, I really want to retire from my cubicle job. Do I have to tell anyone who works in an office about air conditioning? In my building, some people are fortunate enough to have offices located in the inner-sanctuary. Me? I’ve been ostracized and relagated to the North Pole. Actually, I think that’s how they get many Baby Boomers to retire early ~ freeze us out. Now that’s not too bad if you’re having a Hot-Flash day, but when you’re not ~ granny needs an afghan.

Now there’s an answer to the office freezer syndrome! There’s a nifty, new trendy product called the Cabin Cuddler.

If you work in a cold office with men who have the temperature at 65 degrees because they are all wearing suits and you want to wear a cute dress but can’t (or can but have to wrap a sweater or jacket around your legs) because you’ll freeze, the Cabin Cuddler is for you. It’s discrete but entirely functional.

**[PRODUCT FEATURES] o Tote bag turns into your own personal hygienic pillow case
o Comes with it’s own inflatable pillow
o Patented pocket always keeps your feet warm
o Contour cut of the blanket covers every inch of your body

This would even be a great idea to take in the car when you’re traveling!

Forget the granny square afghans ~ check this out for a chic look  ~ and save and conserve energy too by turning down that air conditioning thermostat!

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

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